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League of Legends: Wild Rift – Gold and CS Guide

League of Legends: Wild Rift features units called Minions aligned to the opposing teams on Summoner’s Rift. These minions grant champions gold and experience when they die, but the champion that killed the minion receives additional gold as a reward. Gold is used to buy items in the game, increasing the champions’ stats by a considerable margin, generally helping them either deal more damage or survive longer in battle. Learn how to manage these aspects using these essential tips.

League of Legends: Wild Rift – Gold and CS Guide

MOBA games emphasize the value of gold and CS to a greater extent. Players determine how skilled other players are by analyzing their CS numbers, depending on their lane and situation. Being able to consistently last-hit a minion is a sign that the player has spent quite some time with the game; new players often disregard the importance of this aspect and instead prefer to chase for kills around the map and earn gold passively.

Why is Gold and CS Important?

People say that the rich are powerful, and it looks like the same is true in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Leveling up gives you a small boost in your stats, but that isn’t enough to impact the game. Items can offer a large amount of assistance, depending on which stats you need to complement your champion. Unfortunately, items are expensive and cost a large amount of gold to buy. The fastest way to get gold in the game is by killing minions consistently until you earn enough.

League of Legends: Wild Rift – Gold and CS Guide

Gold Income Per Minion

As you know, merely letting minions die isn’t an efficient way to earn gold. The difference between allowing a minion to die near you and killing the minion itself is more than double the value in gold. Unless you’re playing a support role, killing minions should be your primary goal in the lane to maximize the amount of gold you’re getting per minute. Here are the gold values you can get from minions depending on whether you’re the one to kill them or not:

  1. Melee Minion
  • Gold Value (Died Passively)  – 26g
  • Gold Value (Killed) – 65g
  1. Caster Minion
  • Gold Value (Died Passively) – 16g
  • Gold Value (Killed) – 40g
  1. Caster Minion
  • Gold Value (Died Passively) – 34g
  • Gold Value (Killed) – 85g
  1. Full Wave Value
  • No Cannon – 262g
  • With Cannon – 347g
  1. Champion Kill Value
  • First Blood – 500g
  • Normal Kill – 400g (This value decreases each time the champion dies without getting a kill)

League of Legends: Wild Rift – Gold and CS Guide

As you can see, minion gold offers a large reward when killed. A full minion wave – including the cannon – is almost equivalent to the gold you get when killing a champion; two minions waves amount to the full First Blood value of a kill. Don’t just chase after champions; try to practice last-hitting minions to get the gold’s max value. Don’t know how to last-hit minions properly? Here are some tips to get you familiarized with the number of hits needed.

Last Hit Values Per Minion

This last hit graph was gathered using a 0-item Ashe as the basis for the computation.

No. of Hits From Champions

        • Melee Minion: 8 autos
        • Caster Minion: 6 autos
        • Cannon Minion: 14 autos

No. of Hits From Turret

        • Melee Minion: 5 shots
        • Caster Minion: 3 shots
        • Cannon Minion: 9 shots

League of Legends: Wild Rift – Gold and CS Guide

Tips and Tricks on Last Hitting Minions

Last hitting minions is the most critical part of the laning phase. New players have difficulties trying to perfect the skill of last-hitting the minions, especially if they’ve never played any kind of MOBA before Wild Rift. Here are some things you can consider when practicing how to properly get the perfect CS values you want to have and take control of the game.

Guaranteed Execution Line

When you look closely at minion health bars, you’ll notice a single line that marks about 5-10% of the minion’s HP. When the minion’s health bar drops below the line, any champion attack to that minion will automatically execute it, regardless of the amount of damage your auto-attack does. You’ll know that the minion is ready to be executed when its HP bar turns from red to white. This should be helpful when trying to determine when to last-hit them.

League of Legends: Wild Rift – Gold and CS Guide

Using Spells and Abilities

New players don’t often see the value in using skills and abilities to last-hit minions. Such players would prefer to use their abilities to deal damage to the enemy champion. As discussed in the gold values above, a full wave has almost the same gold value as a champion kill, so don’t be shy to spend your mana when killing minions. A great way to hit two birds with one stone is to practice proper timing and skill positioning to hit multiple minions and the enemy champion in your lane. This way, you can maximize your damage output. 

League of Legends: Wild Rift – Gold and CS Guide

Using the Minion Auto-attack Button

Just below your basic attack button, you’ll see the minion icon, which lets you prioritize attacking minions even when an enemy champion is present. Clicking on the Minion Auto-attack Button once will automatically let you hit minions with the lowest health. Clicking on the basic attack button will reset your choice and instead prioritize champions. Additionally, you can also use this trick to prioritize attacking turrets by using the turret auto-attack button.

League of Legends: Wild Rift – Gold and CS Guide

Watch Minion Attacks

A common deterrent to successfully last-hitting a minion is the damage that your allied minions deal to the enemy unit. This can be frustrating but can just as easily be taken advantage of. Minions attack in uniform intervals, making it easy to predict when a minion will strike again. The damage that a single minion deals is incredibly small, but multiple minions attacking at once deal more damage. Make sure to familiarize yourself with their attack damage and intervals.

League of Legends: Wild Rift – Gold and CS Guide

Last-hitting minions isn’t something you can learn after one or two games. It’ll take some time before you can master getting a consistent CS number. You’ll notice that, once you achieve perfect CSing, you’ll be able to win trades and battles more consistently since you’re always in the lead when it comes to stats. So make sure to go on BlueStacks with this knowledge in hand and start learning how to CS like a pro!

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