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League of Legends: Wild Rift Champion Guide – Katarina, the Sinister Blade

Katarina is probably one of the few assassin champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift that can one-shot the entire enemy team or destroy them in a matter of seconds. The Cooldown reset on her abilities after she gets a takedown separates her from the rest of the champions. Also, her mobility is excellent, so she can get in and out of team fights with ease. Katarina is mostly played in Middle Lane. What makes Katarina so unique is her ability to dish out severe DPS damage without being a marksman, thanks to her ultimate ability, ‘Death Lotus.’ Katarina can quickly turn the tide of any team fight in favor of her team with a picture-perfect ultimate. Let’s take a look at the vicious abilities of Katarina.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Champion Guide – Katarina, the Sinister Blade

Katarina’s primary skill that gives her a ton of mobility is ‘Shunpo.’ With this ability, Katarina can blink onto the location where her dagger is or to an enemy champion. Her first skill, ‘Bouncing Blade,’ throws a dagger at the selected target. Moreover, it also hits two other minions/enemies around the primary target and deals decent damage. Her second skill, ‘Preparation,’ tosses a dagger and gives her 30% haste. If you have played League of Legends: PC, you know that Katarina cannot move while casting her ultimate. But, in Wild Rift, Katarina can move while casting her ultimate ‘Death Lotus,’ which is quite impressive. If Katarina gets caught in a dire situation, she can always escape because of the mobility in her kit or with the help of summoner spell ‘Flash.’ The Ability Power damage ratios on her skills and the Grievous Wounds on her ultimate are insane. Let’s jump straight into Katarina’s skill order and how you should be maxing the abilities on her.

Ability Order:

  1. Bouncing Blade – Level 1/4/6/8
  2. Preparation – Level 3/7/14/15
  3. Shunpo – Level 2/7/10/12
  4. Death Lotus – Level 5/9/13

To get the maximum results while playing a champion like Katarina, it is strongly recommended that you max the skills in the given order. However, note that Katarina is not an easy champion to play and may take you some time to get used to her abilities!

Strengths: Katarina is mobile, can dish out good damage, and can do well against most of the assassin champions currently being played in the middle lane. What makes Katarina super strong is the ability to cast her ultimate twice in a team fight, thanks to the resets she gets on her abilities after a takedown due to her passive ‘Voracity’.

Weakness: Katarina can be dislocated when she is casting her ultimate by CC, which cancels her ultimate completely. Hence, we can say that she doesn’t do that well if the enemy team has a ton of CC in their kits. Also, Katarina kind of scales off in the late game unless you are terrific and know how to engage and play in team fights.

You need 5500 blue motes or 725 wild cores to purchase Katarina.

Recommended Keystones and Summoner Spells with Katarina

Summoner Spells: Flash + Ignite are the most recommended summoner spells with Katarina. However, you can replace Ignite with Barrier when the enemy team has assassin champions like Akali, Evelynn, or Zed.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Champion Guide – Katarina, the Sinister Blade


  1. Electrocute Setup: Electrocute + Triumph + Backbone + Hunter-Genius
  2. Conqueror Setup: Conqueror + Triumph + Backbone + Hunter-Genius

Item Builds with Katarina

  • Hextech Gunblade
  • Infinity Orb
  • Ionian Protobelt or Ionian Stasis (depending on the matchup)
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Morellonomicon (if the enemy team has a ton of healing)
  • Void Staff

Katarina Counters

Strong Against: Katarina is magnificent against squishy champions with low movement speed or dashes that can help them escape or get out of Katarina’s ultimate ‘Death Lotus.’ Katarina is a game-changer in team fights and skirmishes because of her heavy Ability Power damage. Additionally, Katarina is a powerful champion when there is no crowd control ability to dislocate her when casting her ultimate.

Weak Against: Undoubtedly, Katarina is weak against champions having high armor/magic resistance. Moreover, champions that have CC in their kit can displace Katarina while she is casting her ultimate such as Alistar, Janna, and Nami. Additionally, assassins with an insane amount of burst damage, such as Zed and Evelynn, can one-shot Katarina are also good picks against her.

How Good is Katarina, the Sinister Blade in Wild Rift?

As mentioned earlier, Katarina is one of the scariest assassin champions in Wild Rift that can turn the fight’s tide in your favor. Be it her damage, mobility, or ability to flank the enemy team in team fights; she can do it all. If played correctly, she can 1v9 games because she got that potential because of her kit’s damage. The champion is powerful in the current patch, which is why it is being played in almost every normal/ranked game. Overall, Katarina is an ‘A’ tier assassin champion if not ‘S’ tier. 

LoL Wild Rift: Katarina – FAQ’s

1. Can I build Attack Damage on Katarina?

If you make attack damage on Katarina, the ultimate ‘Death Lotus’ will not do any damage, so it is highly suggested to build full Ability Power damage.

2. How do I maximize the potential of Katarina’s Passive – Death Lotus?

The position is the key over here. Since you can move while casting Katarina’s ultimate, make sure you have the right positioning; else, you’re going to get CC’ed, and then you will most likely die to the enemy marksman. So, you can either enter the team fight after the enemy team has used the Cooldown on their CC abilities or catch a few targets off guard to outnumber the enemy team in the next team fight around an objective.

3. What are the core items on Katarina?

 Ionian Stasis/Protobelt, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Infinity Orb, and Void Staff.

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