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Explaining Summoner Spells in Wild Rift

Summoner spells play an essential part in League of Legends: Wild Rift. These spells act as additional skills that your champions can activate in certain situations to turn the tide of a fight in your favor. While the game automatically presets the summoner spells recommended for the champion you chose, those spells won’t apply for every situation. Learn how to choose the right summoner spells for every case to improve your in-game performance.

Explaining Summoner Spells in Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift features several functions that require proper knowledge to execute. While most players ignore minor details in the game like the importance of summoner spells, it doesn’t mean that their impact on you will decrease. Having the right summoner spells will prove to be advantageous in quite a few situations. Eventually, this small strategy will help spell victory and advantage against the enemy team in every aspect. 

Summoner Spells in Wild Rift

During the champion select phase, each player can choose exactly two summoner spells before the match begins. When playing in ranked mode, you’ll be able to see which opponents you’re playing against, as well as the allies that you’ll be playing with. Having a wide variety of summoner spells in the team will benefit you greatly. Most summoner spells don’t stack, so having two or more of the same summoner spell can prove to be redundant, especially during critical team fights.

  • Flash

Flash is the primary summoner spell that almost every champion takes alongside one other summoner spell. This is because the Flash spell provides a short-ranged instant teleport that can be used either defensively or offensively. Defensively, you can escape from dangerous situations in a pinch; offensively, you can close the distance between you and a dying enemy to secure a kill. You can even use Flash to get over walls and barriers for a quick escape from any opponents pursuing you. Champions should always have the Flash summoner spell unless their champions or item builds already provide high mobility. 

Explaining Summoner Spells in Wild Rift

  • Ghost

Ghost is the alternate summoner spell that you can choose to replace Flash. Ghost increases a champion’s movement speed by a large margin for a few seconds and decays over time. Ghost also allows the champion to walk through minions and champions, but not through terrain. Choose this summoner spell if the champion benefits from increased movement speed. If a champion doesn’t have a lot of mobility, but the player would rather chase other champions, Ghost can also be paired with Flash. 

Explaining Summoner Spells in Wild Rift

  • Ignite

Ignite is an offensive summoner spell that burns the opponent over time for a small amount. It also applies Grievous Wounds, which significantly decreases the effectiveness of healing spells and items. Using Ignite on the same target will not increase the damage dealt nor Grievous Wounds’ potency but will instead reset the spell’s duration. One or two ignite users in the team is usually enough. Use this summoner spell when the enemy team has a few champions on their team with healing skills like Nasus or Soraka.

Explaining Summoner Spells in Wild Rift

  • Heal

Heal is a defensive summoner spell that restores HP to yourself and a nearby ally with the lowest health. Heal also increases your and the other affected champion’s movement speed for one second. This summoner spell is generally used to escape kill pressure or help you sustain in lane. Activating Heal after another Heal was cast will reduce the potency of the second heal significantly. Either the Support or Marksman will usually get Heal for the team, but never both. If you can, check your enemy laner’s summoners for Ignite since it reduces Heal’s effects.

Explaining Summoner Spells in Wild Rift

  • Barrier

Barrier is another defensive summoner spell that grants the user a small shield upon activation that blocks all incoming damage. Ignite does not reduce Barrier’s potency, so it is the preferred summoner spell to counter Ignite. This summoner spell is chosen by champions who want to deal a lot of damage but are vulnerable in fights. Such champions include Mage and Marksmen types. Marksmen will usually prefer Barrier over Heal to have a higher survival rate by having their support choose Heal in their stead.

Explaining Summoner Spells in Wild Rift

  • Exhaust

Exhaust targets an enemy champion, slowing their movement speed by 20% and reducing the damage they deal by 40% for 2.5 seconds. This summoner spell is preferred when the opposing champion can deal a massive amount of damage in short bursts. Assassins such as Zed and Fighters such as Yasuo are countered heavily by this summoner spell. Make sure to activate Exhaust immediately when a fight ensues and target the enemy that deals the most amount of damage.

Explaining Summoner Spells in Wild Rift

  • Smite

Smite is a summoner spell that is exclusive to Junglers. Smite deals true damage to monsters and minions and heals the user by a small amount. Upon slaying four Large Monsters, Smite can be upgraded permanently to Challenging Smite or Chilling Smite, as explained in the Wild Rift Jungle Guide. Laners may choose Smite, but this is heavily discouraged since it requires the laner to go into the jungle and steal camps from the jungler. This puts your team at a grave disadvantage and might cost you the game entirely.

Explaining Summoner Spells in Wild Rift

Choosing the Right Summoner Spells

When choosing the right summoner spell, it all comes down to looking at both teams’ team comps. Know what your team’s strong suits are and where the enemy team will be focusing on. The most crucial purpose of summoner spells is to help you during the laning phase. Study who your laning opponents are so that you’ll be able to predict what they plan to do. Foil their plans by choosing the perfect summoner spell to either protect you or kill them.

Make sure to try out how each of your summoner spells work. Spells like Flash have unique interactions with the parts of the map. Try out which walls you can flash through in the game’s Practice Mode. That’ll give you more insight on how to successfully execute your summoner spells at the right time without fail. There will even be times when the perfect timing will decide your fate in fights and skirmishes, so familiarize yourself with the timings of these spells.

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