How to Install and Play Rush Wars on BlueStacks

How to Install and Play Rush Wars...

Ah, Supercell, how can one company create so many hits? If you’re not acquainted with Supercell, they’re the awesome folks who brought us several stellar games, including the popular Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, and even the calm and mellow Hay Day. While they don’t have many games in their lineup, the few they created have gone on to become some of the most popular competitive phone titles. Heck, we even host Brawl Stars tournaments regularly in our Discords server!

How to Install and Play Rush Wars on BlueStacks

This company’s reputation precedes it due to their success in creating many awesome phone games, which is why we were surprised when they announced a soft launch for a new title. Their newest project is called “Rush Wars” and consists of an intense strategy game where the objective is to storm highly-guarded gold mines and pillage all their resources. The game plays mostly automatic; your units move and attack their own, and you only control their initial deployment.

How to Install and Play Rush Wars on BlueStacks

However, while focused mostly on strategy, this Supercell game also has some gacha and RPG elements since you can upgrade many buildings in your base camp to improve your strength. For instance, you can upgrade your HQ to increase your gold production and storage capacity, or invest in your Chopper to increase the number of troops you can deploy on every mission. Similarly, you can also unlock and upgrade many different troop types, which is instrumental to your success at every corner.

Rush Wars is very fun. However, since it hasn’t actually launched globally, it’s only available in a handful of countries. Specifically, you can only play the game if you live in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Sadly, if you’re not in any of these, then you’re straight out of luck…

…Or are you?

Leave it to BlueStacks to come up with ways for you to enjoy all your favorite phone games, including the newest titles from the most prolific developers in the business. In this article, we’ll explain how you can get early to Rush Wars and enjoy everything that this Supercell game has to offer!

Downloading and Installing the Game

Unlike other soft launches where you need to procure an APK file from alternate sources, Rush Wars is readily available for download from the Play Store. However, since it’s only available from the three aforementioned countries, we’ll need to use a VPN to switch our location.

How to Install and Play Rush Wars on BlueStacks

Finding a VPN

We used both Kiwi VPN and UFO VPN interchangeably for this particular occasion, though you might have positive results with other apps. The important thing here is that, regardless of the VPN, it lets you change your location to either Australia, Canada, or New Zealand.

Play Rush Wars on BlueStacks

How to Install and Play Rush Wars on BlueStacks

Changing Your Location on BlueStacks

While, in theory, changing your location via VPN should be enough, we’re not taking any chances; we want to play Rush Wars and we want to play it now! So, to guarantee that our method works without issues, we’ll also change our location via BlueStacks. To do this, just click on the location button located on the right panel, or press Ctrl + Shift + K. Once in the Map screen, click on any part of Canada, Australia, or New Zealand to change your location. Please remember that the location you choose here most coincide with the location you’re using on your VPN.

How to Install and Play Rush Wars on BlueStacks

Downloading the Game on the Play Store

Once your location has changed, you can easily open the Play Store on BlueStacks, search for “Rush Wars,” and Supercell’s newest game should appear at the top of the list. To download, just click on it like you would do with any other app, click on “Install,” and wait for BlueStacks to work its magic.

How to Install and Play Rush Wars on BlueStacks

Launching the Game

Once your game is installed, you’ll find it on the home screen, just like with any other app. However, in order to play Rush Wars, it’s not enough to just install it using the VPN and location changer, you also need to launch and play it with these services running in the background. If you try to launch the game without them, it’ll simply crash with no error messages.

How to Install and Play Rush Wars on BlueStacks

If your game crashed with no error messages, then the likely culprit is the VPN. Try closing it and running it again, or try using another VPN client if you can’t get Rush Wars to work. Trust us; any new Supercell game is definitely worth the effort of installing and playing it.

And that’s all there is to downloading Rush Wars on BlueStacks. The process takes only a few minutes if you know what you’re doing, which is hardly a factor when it comes to enjoying a Supercell game. Have you tried Rush Wars yet? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this awesome strategy game, so leave us your opinions and comments in the section below!

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