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Heroes in State of Survival – A Guide to the Best Heroes in the Game

State of Survival is an interesting mix between a traditional war game and a real-time action RPG. On the one hand, you have the base building and warfare aspect similar to games like King of Avalon and Iron Throne, and on the other, you can find plenty of RPG action in the Explorer Trails missions, in which you must battle through hordes of zombies using special characters that you unlock along the way.

Heroes in State of Survival on PC - A Guide to the Best Heroes in the Game

These characters come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and each with their own unique skills and approach to combat. Some are offense-oriented, with skills that can blast through hordes of zombies in one fell swoop, while others are more tactical and defensive, erecting barriers and other obstacles to slow the enemy down while your other heroes steadily chip away at their numbers. It’s this variety of heroes that gives players the opportunity to play exactly as they want to, as well as many ways to complete even the toughest of levels. Here is a rundown of guides on heroes, base development, farming, and troop types for you to enjoy.

Nevertheless, as there are many heroes to unlock in State of Survival, there are also some that, undoubtedly, are better than others, in general, at least when it comes to the Explorer Trail. In this guide, we aim to elaborate a little bit on the hero system in this game, as well as to share our picks for best heroes.

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What are Heroes Good for?

As we mentioned just now, there are two main game modes in State of Survival, the war aspect and the Explorer Trail. The latter is, by far, the mode in which you’ll be using your heroes the most, especially since it’ll be just them exploring various levels without your powerful recruited armed forces. However, they still shine in the former since each hero has unique passive skills that can improve some aspect of your army during large-scale warfare, as long as you assign them as squad leaders.

Heroes in State of Survival on PC - A Guide to the Best Heroes in the Game

In short, you’ll want to unlock as many heroes as you can, especially since your decisions of who to send on every mission, whether during war or for an Explorer Trail assignment, will heavily affect the outcome.

Unlocking New Heroes

Like most mobile games, you can obtain new heroes in State of Survival through several means, though the main method is via the gacha summoning system in your Hero Precinct building. However, instead of summoning full characters like in a gacha game, you can only obtain fragments from the Hero Search function. Once you have enough fragments, you can unlock the corresponding character.

Heroes in State of Survival on PC - A Guide to the Best Heroes in the Game

Of course, the problem here is that the fragments that you obtain from every exploration are random, so you really can’t pick which hero you’re going to get. However, every now and then, you might see an event pop up which, aside from rewarding you with plenty of items that can be used for upgrading heroes, might also grant you fragments for summoning specific characters.

Heroes in State of Survival on PC - A Guide to the Best Heroes in the Game

The Best Heroes for the Explorer Trail

The Explorer Trail, as we mentioned above, consists of levels in which you must enter and explore using a team of 3 heroes. Along the way, your squad will encounter the infected and must stand their ground to thin the horde and carve a path so that they can reach the end of the level, at which point they will need to fight an even larger army of zombies, sometimes accompanied by a boss enemy.

Heroes in State of Survival on PC - A Guide to the Best Heroes in the Game

In this sense, it goes without saying that you’ll need a good team not only to survive the onslaught of enemies, but also to destroy them in a timely manner, and with minimal losses to your HP. Luckily, there are various great team compositions that you can use in this game mode:

The Defensive Team (Sarge, Rusty, and Ghost)

These three heroes are quite weak on their own. However, when using their skills in unison, they can block the enemy’s path, and keep them at a safe distance. Sarge’s Gun Turret skill places a turret that can keep an area safe from zombies, while Ghost’s Paint Block sets up a barrel that zombies must break in order to advance. When the barrel breaks, it releases a pool of paint that slows down anyone that steps on it. Meanwhile, Rusty, armed with his trusty shotgun, can attack several enemies with a single shot, and also stun them with his Impact Blast skill. Overall, this team is great for dealing with weaker enemies in large numbers.

Heroes in State of Survival on PC - A Guide to the Best Heroes in the Game

Heroes in State of Survival on PC - A Guide to the Best Heroes in the Game

The Single-Target Destroyers (Miho, Mike, and Wolfe)

With plenty of single-target damage, a great debuff that increases damage received, and a meat shield that can keep enemies at bay, this team composition excels at dealing with smaller crowds, but shines when faced against tough bosses, mostly due to Mike’s single-target DPS, as well as Miho’s powerful debuff. Wolfe is there to keep the enemies at bay since he can reliably stun many enemies with his Ground Slam and can even come back to life once per battle when killed.

The All-Rounders (Trish, Zoe, and Ray & Rolex)

Healing, AoE, single-target DPS, this composition has it all, and will likely carry you through most of the Explorer Trail. There really isn’t much to it; Ray can stun enemies in an area, while Zoe does a ton of damage with her basic attacks while also summoning a crossbow turret to guard areas. Meanwhile, Trish can slow down enemies and even assist allies by healing them.

The Best Heroes for Warfare

Aside from the Explorer Trail, you can also assign heroes as squad leaders when attacking other players on the world map. Each hero can grant your army a series of passive skills, which can improve their performance in many different ways.

There really isn’t a true list of “best” heroes for this purpose since your choice will depend heavily on the type of army you’re raising. For example, some heroes can improve the attack of your troops, while others can improve their defense. However, all heroes have their own unique ways of assisting your army in combat, which basically translates to improving their health or damage output in different ways.

Heroes in State of Survival on PC - A Guide to the Best Heroes in the Game

Sarge, for example, aside from passively increasing troop health, can also use his turret to increase the damage of your army by a set percentage. Meanwhile, Rusty, while passively improving troop defense, can also use his Impact Blast to give your army a set percentage on each attack to stun the enemy for 1 second.

Depending on the situation at hand, you’ll want to carefully examine your enemy, and choose your heroes accordingly, as none of them are inherently better than the others, and each one can help you in many different ways.

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