The Glory Arena is the ultimate proving ground in Valor Legends: Eternity where the best of the best compete for supremacy. Every server has its own list of top players and those that have made it to the Top 1% have invested a lot of time, effort, and resources into making sure that their names are known throughout the world. It’s only natural that players want to strive towards reaching the top half of the PvP ladder just to feel the fruits of their labor reaping its reward through personal glory.

A Guide to Winning PvP in Valor Legends: Eternity

Competing in the PvP ladder is extremely difficult once you reach the upper half of the competitive bracket. Not every player is as serious about competing in the Glory Arena as the other top names on the server since a big factor to succeeding lies in the fact that those players invest their resources into getting the right pieces. However, even landing something like a top 20 can make one feel like they’re on top of the world, so this PvP Guide will help players achieve that easily.

Preparing Options

The best way to be competitive in the Glory Arena is to have a wide variety of heroes at your disposal to choose from before competing in a match. Challengers can check what kind of team the opponent has prepared, so getting the right pieces to counter the enemy’s strategy is a good way to win most of your games effortlessly. Once you’ve collected about 5-7 decently leveled heroes from each faction that are at least 5-stars and above, you can breeze through towards the top 100 of the arena.

A Guide to Winning PvP in Valor Legends: Eternity

There are two problems with this strategy and the first one is that it’s extremely hard to collect heroes. Heroes are acquired by summoning them using gems or tomes, which can take a long time to farm, so it may take weeks or months for you to achieve this. The second problem is that it’s difficult to level up more than 5 heroes since it takes a lot of resources to upgrade them to fit their rank. However, once you’ve unlocked the Blessing Temple, the process becomes a lot easier.

Faction Advantages

Faction advantages play a big part in beating any enemy that you come across in the Glory Arena. Unless you’re playing a full Light or Shadow team, you’ll always have a full disadvantage against an opposing faction. Luckily, as the challenger, you’ll always have the option to choose which heroes you want to place in your starting formation, which is advantageous if you have a lot of heroes to choose from, as mentioned in the previous tip.

A Guide to Winning PvP in Valor Legends: Eternity

Some players like to play hybrid teams with multiple factions, sacrificing faction synergy to reduce the likelihood of being countered by an opposing player. When challenging another player, never place units that are weak to the enemy’s DPS units in particular. Warriors and Priests usually don’t deal that much damage, so you can place heroes that have the disadvantage against them if you need to. That in mind, it’s a good idea to challenge players that have mono-faction teams so that it’s easy to counter.

Hero Positioning

Positioning is also an important factor that players need to keep in mind depending on the team composition. Strategically placing your Warriors to face the enemy head-on and hiding your DPS units from enemies is a generally the recommended way to win a fight. A lot of the time, players lose fights in both PvP and PvE because of poor positioning, but they may wrongly attribute it to the fact that they might have weak units. Changing your hero positions every fight will double your win rate if you haven’t been doing it already.

A Guide to Winning PvP in Valor Legends: Eternity

When facing enemies with two or more assassins, it’s a good idea to place one of your Warriors at the very back of the fight so that assassins will target that instead of your DPS. Try to place your DPS units in an opposite direction and far away from your Warriors so that they can avoid Line or AoE attacks from enemy Rangers and Mages. If you lose, try to experiment with how you can manipulate the enemy heroes’ aggro to get the advantage by taking the least amount of damage possible.

Choosing Your Opponent

In the Glory Arena, players have the luxury of choosing which opponents they want to fight by refreshing the list and checking each player’s team individually. Remember that you only have two free attempts per day, so don’t go into a match recklessly without choosing the best opponent to fight. It’s a good idea to keep refreshing until you find an opponent that you’re comfortable fighting against. However, don’t fight lower-rated players either, since they don’t give you a lot of ratings when you beat them.

A Guide to Winning PvP in Valor Legends: Eternity

One thing to keep in mind when competing in the Glory Arena are players that place Trap Teams. Trap teams refer to those players that intentionally have a lower Combat Rating value to scam players into challenging them. This is done by placing Level 1 Heroes on the lineup in addition to 2-3 super-leveled heroes that can easily wipe a team that has a significantly higher overall power rating. This will waste one of the player’s daily challenge attempts, so always check their profile before challenging.

Defensive Formation

Defense is also an important factor to keep in mind if you’re trying to climb the Glory Arena. Whenever you lose to an opponent if they challenge you, you’ll lose a portion of your Arena Rating, which will cause you to drop further down the rankings. Creating the perfect defensive team is the key to making sure that your team is at least intimidating enough to prevent enemy players from challenging or defeating you.

A Guide to Winning PvP in Valor Legends: Eternity

As mentioned before, mono-faction teams have an extreme disadvantage when defending because the challenger can simply assemble a team that’s from an advantageous faction to sweep your team. In that case, it’s better to build a team that has faction diversity so that you’ll be harder to counter, even if it means you’ll have to rely on raw strength to defend them. If you can build a full Light or Shadow defense team, that’ll prove better for you since these factions counter each other.