World of Kings on BlueStacks: Stunning UHD Graphics and Versatile Control Schemes

World of Kings on BlueStacks: Stunning UHD...

When it comes to mobile games, we’ve learned to live with the limitations imposed by the hardware of these devices. Phones are not nearly as powerful as PCs, for example, and the quality of the visuals that the developers can produce have a hard limit due to insufficient processing power and RAM, among other things. In this sense, you’d be hard-pressed to find a mobile game that can rival a PC title in terms of graphical quality…

…Or so we thought.

Before we played World of Kings, we were among the non-believers who thought that, when it came to graphics and presentation, PC reigned king among the other platforms. Furthermore, while we understand that quality is, at times, not entirely dependant on processing power rather than art style, the processing power of PC’s superior hardware plays an important role when it comes to graphics. However, when a game manages to strike the perfect balance between graphical quality and art style, a star is born. And today, that star is, without a doubt, World of Kings.

In our World of Kings review, we mentioned how this game is similar to World of Warcraft in many aspects. Even the musical score of this game was composed by the man who worked on many musical pieces for Diablo 3, Hearthstone, and even World of Warcraft itself. In this regard, this game tends to imitate the hugely-popular MMORPG in more ways than one, including the many playable classes, the many different races to choose from, and the engaging narrative rife with treachery and revenge.

In this brief guide, we’ll be taking a look at two of the best aspects that this game has to offer when played on BlueStacks: Outstanding visual quality, and a versatile and highly-customizable control scheme.

Achieving the Best Possible Graphics

One of the best parts about playing on your PC is that, compared to your phone, the hardware in the former is likely much stronger than that of the latter.

Even in phones with CPUs that are, in theory, stronger than that of any given PC, there are other limitations that drag down the performance of these portable devices. For instance, all the graphical processing and rendering in mobile games are performed by the CPU, putting all of the strain on this vital component. In other words, if you don’t have a powerful, expensive phone that usually goes for over $500, then you’re stuck playing on the lowest settings, and with a wide slew of performance issues.

Compared to PCs, which usually have their own dedicated graphical processing units to remove strain on the CPU, phones are inferior when it comes to performance. However, it’s possible to enjoy games like World of Kings, in the highest possible graphical settings, and with silky smooth performance throughout all your gaming sessions. With BlueStacks, this is not only possible but is also easily achieved. Our Android gaming platform takes the raw power of your PC components and uses them to create the best imagery with the smoothest performance.

Play World of Kings on BlueStacks 4

It almost seems like this game was developed with BlueStacks and PC users in mind as it offers many graphical settings that can be adjusted independently of each other. However, if you’re playing on BlueStacks, you’ll want to select that “UHD” setting and crank all those sliders to the max. Afterward, just sit back and bask in the glorious visuals that this game can produce. In fact, by playing on our platform, you even get a custom mouse cursor when in-game to add to the immersion.

If you want to enjoy World of Kings with the best possible graphics, then you’ve come to the right place. However, the visual quality is not our only forte as we also offer some awesome control schemes to complement the gameplay.

Elevate Your Gameplay With Customized Control Schemes

No amount of graphics and art style can make a game fun if you can’t actually play it comfortably. This applies to World of Kings, as well as any other game in existence, regardless of its platform. However, phone games are notorious for their clunky control schemes since they have a touchscreen instead of physical buttons.

Luckily, BlueStacks can significantly improve your gameplay experience thanks to its Keymapping Tool. With this feature, you can design intuitive control schemes by binding many functions to your mouse and keyboard. In this sense, struggling with touchscreens is a thing of the past.

To access the keyboard shortcuts in-game, all you need to do is click on the keyboard icon in the lower right. In this new screen, you will view the predefined control scheme created by our own team. You may view each function, and even customize them to your own liking by clicking on “edit”. However, if you want to get more technical, you can click on “advanced settings” to access the Keymapping Tool properly. In this new menu, you can drag and drop new functions onto the screen, and bind them to any key. You can also modify any pre-existing shortcuts that are already placed beforehand.

Personally, to recreate the PC MMORPG feel, we changed the Free Look feature from Alt to right click. With this change, we can now move the camera by holding down right click, as you would do in any PC MMO such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14, and Guild Wars 2, to name a few.

World of Kings is a stunning game in more ways than one. It features amazing graphics that leave nothing to be desired. Furthermore, by playing on BlueStacks, you can gain access to many features that will improve your overall gameplay. What’s your favorite part about gaming on BlueStacks? We’d love to read your thoughts in the section below!

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