Introducing BlueStacks TV

Hooray! Introducing our latest feature BlueStacks TV which is something gaming streamers and fans of mobile streaming will absolutely love… you can now stream mobile games to Twitch with one click and even watch curated streams from the BlueStacks App Player. There’s no complicated setup or extra devices. Simply sign in with your Twitch account, click “Go Live” and play!

“This was a natural combination,” said BlueStacks CEO, Rosen Sharma. “BlueStacks has mobile equivalents of the most popular games on the Twitch platform – mid-core RPG titles especially. The mobile world has hundreds of popular titles for each of these PC game types. It used to be hard to stream a mobile game. It involved multiple devices: a tablet, a webcam and wires. We’ve cut all of that out. From a PC it’s easy to stream. It’s why Twitch has become so popular so fast. BlueStacks users are already playing mobile games like Hearthstone, Castle Clash, Vainglory and others- we just built the bridge to their platform, and have brought their content to ours. This combines the power of two huge user bases.”

To commemorate the launch of BlueStacks TV, we’re hosting a 16-player tournament of top Hearthstone competitors using the mobile version of the game to stream live to Twitch. The tournament is single-elimination and the winner will receive $3,000 USD. The tournament begins on Twitch at 6AM Pacific Daylight Time April 7 on the BlueStacksInc channel and is sponsored by Glory4Gamers.

How to Setup & Stream to Twitch from BlueStacks

  • Download the latest version of BlueStacks
  • Open the App Player and there will be a new panel on the right for Streaming
  • The first time you will be asked to:
    1. Log into your Twitch account and authorize the BlueStacks (or register if you do not have an account)
    2. Click “Start Streaming” button
    3. If you have a webcam & mic on your laptop/desktop toggle which you would like to use
    4. Choose a streaming server nearest your location
  • Click “Go Live” button to stream and chat live

If you need further help we’ve created several helpful How To videos to get you started. That’s it! Have you tried it yet? Let’s discuss more in the comments below…