PokéLoké offers nearby alerts for Pokémon GO

PokéLoké offers nearby alerts for Pokémon GO

PokeLoke for Pokemon GO - iOS Notifications

On the cusp of Niantic removing and adding Pokémon Nearby feature for beta testers, developer Chris Maddern has launched nearby Pokémon push alerts app for Pokémon GO- PokéLoké. Push alerts are great as it allows you to passively play throughout your day when say… Squirtle is nearby or you can actively play and see Pokémon on a map. PokéLoké notifies you in real time when you enter an area with a Pokémon that you’re looking for:

  • Get push notification when you’re near to your favorite Pokémon
  • See exactly where they are on a map
  • Choose which Pokémon you want to get alerts for
  • See all nearby Pokémon
  • Get an Uber to them if they’re more than a few blocks!

Currently the app is only available for iOS, however, when asked about an Android version the developer told me “[he’s] Working on it :)” In the meantime, be sure to play Pokémon GO on PC using BlueStacks!

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