Twitter’s Full of Stars, but What Else Does it Have?


I recently had a conversation with some people that view Twitter solely as a home for celebrity worship. It became apparent during our chat that they weren’t devout Twitter users and didn’t take advantage of what it has to offer. Then again, what does it really have to offer? That’s up to the individual.

If you look for celebrity worship through Twitter, you’re going to find it. The people I chatted with were certainly not wrong in that respect. Their perception likely came from seeing the abundance of people who constantly tweet at celebrity accounts for RTs, follows and the like. While it may work for them (and more power to ‘em!), it has the unfortunate side effect of leading those not quite as hip to Twitter to believe that that’s all the platform is good for. I, however, see things differently.

In my life, Twitter’s both a soundboard and a place to make real, personal connections. I tend to tweet most when I’m commuting. It gives me a chance to say whatever little “shower thought” is in my head. Sometimes it’s about something happening in the moment, sometimes it’s a silly little quip and most times, it’s just a response to someone I follow. It’s the accounts I follow that make Twitter my social channel of choice, though. I get to see what my friends are doing, I get to hear industry chatter, I can connect with other fans who share my interests. I can do all of this in a very simple, organic way. Every single day, I get to interact with real, reachable people who matter in my life, one way or another. While tweeting at stars is all well and good, getting into a fun conversation with a total stranger a world away or even a peer you have something in common with is much more satisfying. It’s real. That’s the biggest difference.


Then there is the ability to view real time news and and participate in contests that can be achieved in a format unlike any other. Want to rant about your team, but you’re not at a bar or stadium? Twitter’s got you. Need to vent to someone about who Game of Thrones killed off this week? Twitter’s there. Need to personally connect with companies like BlueStacks about issues or careers? Yes, Twitter’s there, too

While there will be no shortage of those looking for retweets or to exclaim adoration, Twitter is more than that. It truly is what you make of it. Those who use Twitter are capable of creating deep bonds with others as much as they are being an observer. No matter how it’s used, the platform is capable of more than what an outsider might think of it on the surface.

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Twitter’s Full of Stars, but What Else...