League of Legends: Wild Rift Release Galio, Test ARAM Mode in Patch 2.2

Patch 2.2 in League of Legends Wild Rift is one of the larger updates to hit the game servers and has lots of changes and new things in store for players. The patch starts off greeting the regions that have seen the release of Wild Rift, with Americas, Hong Kong and Macau joining the list of regions where the game has officially released.

Gear up for Galio!

A new hero is also arriving, with Galio set to release on the 1st of April at 1701 Hours PST. Galio the Colossus is generally used as a Tank in the League of Legends meta and is useful in initiating and sustaining a gank in any of the lanes. Galio is a powerful counter to magic while also having his own origin in magic itself, as per the League of Legends lore. The release notes highlight the same as they read,” But his triumphs are always bittersweet, for the magic he destroys is also his source of reanimation, and each victory leaves him dormant once again.” Protector of the Great City of Demacia, Galio can go to the fiercest of battles for it and does not shy away from any battle no matter the odds. As Galio himself says,” You know what’s hard about fighting? Nothing! Come on, I’m made of stone.” 

Position preference is now in testing

Another awaited feature, Position Preference, is now in testing with the release of patch 2.2. This feature will not be tested in the Americas and works similarly to the Position Select feature available in the PC version. 

League of Legends: Wild Rift Release Galio, Test ARAM Mode in Patch 2.2

Organise the positions you would like to play in a priority tier list before you queue for a match and the matchmaking mechanism will help you find games with your preferred roles in the majority of the queues. 

Since it is only in the testing phase, the matches played via the Position preference setting will not have any bearing on ranked progression and neither will it result in any progress towards the events and missions. However, a separate event called Position Lab is going to be released which will reward players for being a part of the testing phase for this feature. 

League of Legends: Wild Rift Release Galio, Test ARAM Mode in Patch 2.2

Position preference will be in testing for two weeks and the feedback gathered from the testing phase will be implemented before releasing the feature as a permanent addition. 

Test the All Ranked All Mid (ARAM) mode

One of the most popular game modes in League of Legends Wild Rift is the All Ranked All Mid (ARAM) mode, with players waiting eagerly for its release on the mobile version. The ARAM Mode will now enter the first testing phase for Wild Rift as players can now queue to participate in the frenzied 12-minute all-out brawls in the mid lane. 

League of Legends: Wild Rift Release Galio, Test ARAM Mode in Patch 2.2

The ARAM Mode can only be played on Howling Abyss, an area etched in history as warriors fought to defend the rest of the Freijord from an ancient enemy. Players will be randomly assigned a hero from the pool, with those unhappy with what they have been dealt with having a limited number of re-rolls to find a hero they are comfortable with. The rerolled heroes will be shifted to the bench and can be picked up by the player’s teammates. 

ARAM mode will be subject to a three-day testing period from the 5th of April, with the subsequent release witnessing the availability of the game mode from the 15th of April to the 19th of May.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Release Galio, Test ARAM Mode in Patch 2.2

There are two exclusive abilities that have been added for the ARAM mode. The first is a two-part spell that enables players to MARK an enemy by throwing a snowball in a line and dealing damage while marking the first enemy it hits. After the enemy is marked, players can DASH towards the enemy by reactivating the spell. The second spell is Clarity, which when used, replenishes and boosts your and your team’s mana pool by a certain amount.

Miscellaneous Features

Ranked starts for the Americas region from the 29th of March, with players reaching Gold rank with 10 wins or more will receive Glorious Jinx and Jinx, if the eligible players don’t already own Jinx. Wild Pass has also been introduced, with level 50 in the upgraded Wild Pass granting players Hexplorer Jax, the featured reward of the Wild Pass. 

League of Legends: Wild Rift Release Galio, Test ARAM Mode in Patch 2.2

The Wild Pass will start at the Season 2 of Ranked and will cost players 590 Wild Cores while the upgraded Elite Wild Pass costs an additional 400 Wild Cores. Levels can be purchased for 150 Wild Cores each. 

League of Legends: Wild Rift is already testing 120 Hz support for high-end mobile devices while official support has been added for these languages – Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, and Arabic.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Release Galio, Test ARAM Mode in Patch 2.2

Patch 2.2 will witness the release of several skins including Corgi Corki, Debonair Galio, Draven Draven, Fuzz Fizz, Infernal Galio, Surprise Party Amumu, Glorious Jinx, Hexplorer Jax, Academy Ahri, iBlitzcrank and Marauder Olaf. All of these skins will be released throughout the patch and not at once.

Goodies ranging from Icons, Emotes, Icon Borders, Recalls, Baubles and Rift Emblems will be released throughout the patch as well. A special event called Wild Welcome has been introduced exclusively for the Americas region, with players set to earn content, characters and more at a faster pace in order to compensate for a later date of release. Players in all regions will start their Wild Rift Journey once they complete their Wild Rift Academy events. 

League of Legends: Wild Rift Release Galio, Test ARAM Mode in Patch 2.2

Buffs, Nerfs, Adjustments and Changes – Champions and Spells

Alistar has had his Base Health reduced from 650 points to 610 as has been the radius of its ability, Pulverize from 300 to 275. The damage dealt through Pulverize has also been reworked according to the stages with the highest possible damage reduced from 240 to 210.

Amumu’s Base Armor will now be 35 instead of the 40 points it was before Patch 2.2 while Amumu will only gain 95 Health points at every level, not 105 as it did. The effect of Amumu’s abilities has also been reworked, with Despair now only dealing 0.75% damage per 100 AP while the cooldown of Curse of the Sad Mummy, the ultimate ability, has been increased at every level.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Release Galio, Test ARAM Mode in Patch 2.2

Teemo’s Camouflage will now have a longer time (1.0s) compared to before (0.8s). Jhin’s Captive Audience now deals 65% damage to non-champions. Darius will now be unstoppable during the cast time of the ultimate ability, Noxian Guillotine. Corki’s attacks due to the passive ability Hextech Munition will now behave as normal. 

Dr. Mundo’s Infected Cleaver will now deal lesser max damage at earlier levels to monsters while the maximum damage possible at the highest level remains 500. The cooldown for Masochism has been increased at every level of the ability. 

Orianna has had the Base Health reduced from 570 to 530 now while also having Attack and Protect commands nerfed. Attack’s Cooldown at lower levels has been increased, the AP ratio has been reduced to 0.4 while the Base damage has been reduced at every level of the command. Protect’s Base damage has been reduced to every level as well.

Pantheon has been hit the hardest in terms of changes in the 2.2 patch, with every ability reworked to an extent. Comet Spear’s enhanced Mortal Will no longer slow the enemy while Shield Vault’s bug has been fixed to now reset attacks properly. Aegis Assault will not block turret damage anymore. Enhanced Mortal Will (3) will no longer have an extended duration while it gains 60% speed for 1.5 seconds when slamming the shield. Pantheon’s ultimate ability, Grand Starfall now makes the spear that falls before Pantheon to slow by 50% for 2 seconds while dealing damage equal to Comet’s Spear in a small area.

A couple of Summoner Spells have been reworked as well. Ignite’s Cast Range has been reduced to 5.5 while Ghost has been reworked. Ghost’s duration has received a buff and is now 8 seconds, with the Burst duration increased to 3 seconds now while on takedown, the buff’s duration is increased by 6 seconds along with reapplication of the speed burst. However, the Burst top speed has been reduced.

New Items and Item Changes

Frozen Heart is a new item that has the passive ability to reduce the Attack Speed of nearby enemies by 15%. Any player that builds a Frozen Heart equips the Champion with 70 Armor, 300 Mana and 20 Ability Haste, all for just 2850 gold. Players can build Frozen Heart by purchasing a Warden’s Mail and Glacial Shroud for 1050 and 1000 golds respectively, with the recipe costing 800 additional gold.

Force of Nature is a new item that actually replaces an existing item named Adaptive Helm, which has been removed from the game. Like Frozen Heart, Force of Nature also costs 2850 gold in total, with a Spectre’s Owl and Winged Moonplate required to be purchased for 1100 and 900 gold respectively while the rest 950 gold is for the recipe. 

Force of Nature equips the Champion with 350 Health Points and 45 Magic Resistance while also having two passive abilities – the first being Storm that gives the Champion 5% additional movement speed and the second being Absorb that grants the Champion 6 bonus movement and 6 bonus Magic Resistance for 5 seconds every time they take damage from an ability. Absorb can stack upto 5 times, which means the Champion can gain a maximum of 30 bonus Movement and 30 bonus Magic Resistance for every unique ability damage.

One of the items required in Force of Nature, Winged Moonplate is also a new item that is a component in the Dead Man’s Plate as well. Winged Moonplate costs only 900 gold, with 500 gold for the Ruby Crystal and the remaining 400 gold for the recipe. A Winged Moonplate gives the Champion 150 Health Points and 5% additional movement speed as part of the passive ability, Flight.

Sapphire Crystal, Tear of the Goddess, Winter’s Approach, Fimbulwinter, Manamune and Muramana, Sheen, Lich Bane, Trinity Force, Iceborn Gauntlet, Dead Man’s Plate, Thornmail, Sunfire Aegis, Mortal Reminder, Randuin’s Omen and Warmog’s Armor are all items have all been either reworked or changed to a certain degree.

Systems, Graphics, Controls and other Settings

The Attack Speed mechanism has been reworked. Attack Speed’s effect ratio on attacks’ windup time has been halved to be 50% while the formula Windup time has been changed to apply the effect of the aforementioned change. 

League of Legends: Wild Rift Release Galio, Test ARAM Mode in Patch 2.2

Three new pings – Enemy has a vision here, Group and Enemy missing – have been introduced to make it easier to communicate specifically. The game invites from players no longer takes the full screen and allows users to continue their interaction with the game client prior to the game invite. Players can now share achievements and Wild Pass rewards either through Facebook or by downloading the image directly. Players who have been idle for a long time will be given a nudge as their lobby mates get ready to queue again while a separate indicator has been added to display players who have been idle for a long time.

New Graphics presets – Performance, Quality and Custom – have been added and have a literal meaning, with Quality aiding in a much better graphical experience needed for content creation while Performance ensures better FPS. 

New FPS options – 40, 90 and 120 – have been added to ensure greater control over what FPS a player wants in League of Legends Wild Rift.

120Hz mode is available on Samsung Galaxy S21 Range; Samsung Galaxy S20 Range; Samsung Galaxy Note 20; Samsung Tab S7 Range; OPPO Find X2; OnePlus 9 & OnePlus 9 Pro; OnePlus 8 & OnePlus 8 Pro; iPad Pro Range; Google Pixel 5; ASUS ROG Phone 2; Razer Phone 2.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Release Galio, Test ARAM Mode in Patch 2.2

Deadzone Tuning and Move stick have been introduced to allow easier control over in-game movement and ability usage.

New Players will now enter the tutorial straight, even before the login page and those that complete the tutorials will have a designated champion pool aimed at giving a diversified experience of Wild Rift gameplay and Champions roles instead of being thrown into the standard free-to-play champions rotation. The designated Champions in the pool are Braum, Ezreal, Fiora, Graves, Lux, Malphite, Miss Fortune, Sona, Xin Zhao and Zed. Players will be privy to the standard Champion pool once they reach Level 7. 

Miscellaneous Updates

Champion selection filters now allow players to filter it by position while an option has been added to remove names or change it to be the name of the Champion they are playing in order to keep the name private. While refunding content through the Google Play Store or the App Store, it may turn your account into negative, thus resulting in a temporary suspension. In case it happens, players will need to reach out to Player support to regain gaming access. Visuals have been improved a lot with respect to towers, maps and more.

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