League of Legends: Wild Rift release Riven, Irelia along with Broken Blades event in patch 2.3

League of Legends: Wild Rift haa released a fresh patch with new Champions, events, returning game modes along with several balancing updates and tweaks to improve the gameplay experience. Patch 2.3 is now live and here is a list of what you can expect in-game with the release of the new patch.

A Tale Of Two Sword Bearers

League of Legends: Wild Rift release Riven, Irelia along with Broken Blades event in patch 2.3

Riven, The Exile and Irelia, The Blade Dancer have both been introduced as new champions in patch 2.3

Riven belonged to the warhosts of Noxus and was rewarded with a legendary runic blade due to her efforts and her rise through the ranks. However, she lost faith in her nation and chose to exile herself by severing all ties. As far as the League of Legends meta is concerned, the melee champion is a good pick for the top lane, with her runic blade stacking and dealing bonus damage and critical strike upon every attack or use of her abilities. Riven is actually devoid of any mana and so are all her abilities, which will make the champion very unique in the Wild Rift meta. Riven can deal a burst of damage with Ki Burst, can dash in a flash of a second with Valor, gain bonus damage for a brief period with Blade of the Exile while unleashing a wave of energy that deals damage on the basis of the missing health of the affected with her ultimate, Wind Slash.

League of Legends: Wild Rift release Riven, Irelia along with Broken Blades event in patch 2.3

Irelia, the Blade Dancer’s original name is Irelia Xan and hails from the Ionian region. Her family tragically died in battle but she survived and forged herself to become the warrior she is known as today. Irelia has mixed the art of movement to infuse it into the style of wielding blades, hence the name Blade Dancer. To talk about the League of Legends meta, Irelia is a favorable pick in the Top Lane and the Middle Lane. Irelia’s strength is mirrored in her ability Ionian Fervor, which enables her to stack additional damage dealing power for every champion and non-champion hit. Irelia can dash ahead and deal bonus damage with Bladesurge, can reduce incoming damage while charging up Defiant Dance, can throw her blades, bring it back to deal damage and maim the enemies in the way with Flawless Duet while her ultimate ability, Vanguard’s Edge allows her to throw a barrage of blades in a certain area to deal damage in an AoE manner.

The Broken Blades event also starts with patch 2.3, with Riven and Irelia up for grabs for the users. Players must complete objectives and missions featuring the two swordbearers to be able to finally unlock one of the two champions for free. 

The Friendship Buff, ARAM Returns and more! – New Features

League of Legends: Wild Rift release Riven, Irelia along with Broken Blades event in patch 2.3

The Friendship Buff is here! Players can invite up to 20 friends and level up together in Wild Rift while also earning cool titles such as Perfect Partners, The Might of Family, Inseparable Allies and Best Buddies. A much-needed feature that could reinvent the Wild Rift experience is the prospect of shared champion pools between friends that have upgraded Friendship titles. Subscribe to your friends to be notified whenever they come online or start a match. 

The All Random All Mid (ARAM) game mode has returned to active play, with the Howling Abyss set to be the cesspool of battles, blood and carcasses once again. The ARAM game mode will be available to play from June to July. 

Another important feature is enabling the players to delay or change the order of selecting the champions to equip them with the opportunity to accommodate comfort picks and counter picks into the meta. 

League of Legends: Wild Rift release Riven, Irelia along with Broken Blades event in patch 2.3

Players that regularly suffer network issues can now gauge just when to queue for a match, with the icon on the top right showing their network strength. They can also get a network test summary of the game they just played in order to figure out and diagnose issues if any. The game developers have also added a 4G/Wi-Fi dual-channel in order to give the players’ connection a boost at the cost of incurring some mobile data along with your Wi-Fi.

Skins and Accessories

League of Legends: Wild Rift release Riven, Irelia along with Broken Blades event in patch 2.3

Fresh skins have been introduced, with Order of the Lotus Irelia, Arcade Riven, Arcade Kai’Sa, Arcade Sona and Battle Boss Ziggs will be released throughout patch 2.3 

As far as accessories are concerned, a host of new ones have made it into the game, with Toppling Tufts Recalls, Icons – Maidens of the Blade and Fury of the Blade as well as Baubles – Sharp and Deadly, You’ve Been Exiled, Button Masher, Snax Break and Squishable Fluft.

League of Legends: Wild Rift release Riven, Irelia along with Broken Blades event in patch 2.3

Buffs, Nerfs and Reworks – Champions and Items

Like the PC version, Akali has also been reworked for Wild Rift, with the energy regeneration and other surrounding characteristics adjusted to make the Champion less viable in the early game but easier to play as the game goes on. The Base Health Points have been reduced to 570 while the Starting Armor is now 30 instead of 35. The Health Point increment per level on the other hand, has been buffed to be 125 per level. The energy cost for Five-Point Strike in the initial levels has increased while the cost at the later levels has been reduced. Akali’s Ultimate, Perfect Execution will now deal Magical damage instead of Physical damage on the first cast, which deals damage in an AP Ratio of 0.3 while the second cast will have an AP Ratio of 0.4, with the Max AP Ratio lowered from 1.5 to 1.2 

Blitzcrank’s Mana Barrier and Overdrive have both received buffs by reducing their cooldowns to 50 seconds and 12 seconds respectively. Camille’s Hookshot will now reveal terrain in front of him and target the area while not casting if there is no terrain in front of Camille. Darius has had his Noxian Might’s stacked Attack Damage reduced at every level except the maximum level. Kha’Zix’s Unseen Threat Isolation Radius AoE has reduced to 300 while Pantheon’s Grand Starfall now has Armor Penetration as well. Ziggs now deals reduced passive damage to structures up to 150% instead of 200%. 

Diana has been nerfed a bit, with the Base Health Points reduced to 570 while Moonsilver Blade has an AP Ratio of 0.5 instead of 0.6. Her ultimate, Moonfall, has had its Minimum Base Damage reduced by 25 basis points, with the Maximum Base Damage seeing a reduction of 50 basis points at every level. Fizz’s Playful/Trickster ability now requires lesser mana and has a reduced cooldown at every level while the early level Base Damage has been slightly buffed. Fizz’s Seastone Trident now deals passive damage over time up to 200% to neutral monsters.

Garen’s Health and Armor Growth has been reduced while the cooldown of her ultimate, Demacian Justice has been increased at every level. For Gragas, the Drunken Rage has been nerfed to have lower Base Damage Reduction. Kennen has received a slight buff to its Thundering Shuriken’s Base Damage and Electrical Surge’s cooldown. Rakan has been buffed to be more magic resistant while the Shield cooldown of Fey Feathers has been reduced to 14.8 seconds. 

Rammus’ Armor Growth has been nerfed while the Defensive Ball Curl has had the spiked shell damage reworked. Renekton’s Base AD has been increased to 70 while Cull the Meek has received quite a heavy buff in terms of Base and Enhanced Damage and AD Ratio along with On-Hit Heal. Twisted Fate’s Stacked Deck has received a passive Attack Speed trait while having the active bonus attack speed lowered to balance it. Wukong’s Golden Staff now also heals for 10% of the Health Points while the Warrior Trickster’s cooldown has been increased. 

League of Legends: Wild Rift release Riven, Irelia along with Broken Blades event in patch 2.3

Xin Zhao is another champion that has been reworked to mirror the changes done to the PC version. Xin Zhao’s Base AD has been reduced to 58 while the Minimum Base Heal Amount of Determination has been reduced to 6.8. Three Talon Spike’s Base Damage has been reduced by 5 basis points at every level. Wind Becomes Lightning has been reworked to have a better strike range, lower cooldown while also reducing the Second hit AD Ratio to 0.7 and the Minion damage by 50%. Audacious Charge’s Cast Range on Challenged Targets through Wind Becomes Lightning has been increased to 8.5 while the AP Ratio has also been buffed to 80%. Crescent Guard, Xin Zhao’s ultimate, has had the duration increased by 2 seconds while also adding an 80% AP Ratio. 

As far as Items are concerned, Dead Man’s Plate now only adds 225 Health instead of 300. Duskblade of Draktharr now offers players 55 additional attack damage instead of 50. Players building Trinity Force on Champions will now receive just 30% Attack Speed while the price of Maw of Malmortius has been reduced by 200 Gold to be 3000 Gold while adding 45 Magic Resistance. Black Cleaver now has increased attack damage, increased armor reduction per stack along with a slight reduction in max stacks to be 5, which means a maximum of 25% Armor Reduction instead of 24%.

Runes: Arrivals and Changes

League of Legends: Wild Rift release Riven, Irelia along with Broken Blades event in patch 2.3

Four Runes – Keystone: Kleptomancy, Resolve: Backbone, Resolve: Regeneration and Resolve: Spirit Walker – have been removed and four new Runes – Keystone: Phase Rush, Resolve: Bone Plating, Resolve: Second Wind and Resolve: Adaptive Carapace – have been introduced. 

Phase Rush equips players that hit champions with 3 attacks or different abilities within 3 seconds with a large burst of Movement Speed and resistance to slows. Bone Plating reduces incoming damage from 3 subsequent attacks or abilities after taking damage from a champion. Second Wind allows health regeneration, with champions able to recover a portion of their health upon taking damage from someone. Melee Champions will have this effect doubled. Adaptive Carapace sees champions gain bonus max health while also gaining additional defence if they go below the 50% threshold of their health. 

The following runes have been changed to an extent:

Domination: Gathering Storm – Bonus stats: 2 AD or 4 AP every 2 minutes → 2 AD or 4 AP / 5 AD or 10 AP / 9 AD or 18 AP / 14 AD or 28 AP […] every 3 minutes

Domination: Champion –  Bonus damage reduced to 8% and Bonus damage loss on death changed to 4%

Resolve: Font of Life – Impairing the movement of an enemy champion marks them. Allies who attack marked champions heal over time → Hitting an enemy champion with an attack or ability marks them. When you or allies damage marked champions, heal those allies and yourself. Each ally can trigger this healing once per mark.

Resolve: Conditioning – Every 2 minutes after this gain 2 bonus Armor and Magic Resist.

Inspiration: Sweet Tooth – Provides bonus gold when you or a nearby ally eat Honeyfruit.

Inspiration: Mastermind – Bonus gold on monster or turret kill increased to 120G. No Bonus XP for players on monster or turret kill now. Damage to turrets: True damage → Adaptive damage

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Champion bounties and Ally Item cooldowns are now displayed on the scoreboard.
  • In Ranked, the scoreboard is automatically be sorted based on positions selected.
  • The lane guidance UI in Ranked has been improved.
  • Players will receive a notification in the chatbox when allies disconnect from the game.
  • Opening the settings menu will now reopen the page you were last accessing.
  • Increased the distance needed to cancel an action by 20% when using the Alternative Action Cancel Method setting
  • Improved loading into the game from the lobby by approximately 20%.
  • Improved video stuttering issue and Optimized runtime memory for some low-end devices.
  • Refactored asset loading and unloading to lower the memory footprint
  • The event page layout has been optimized so that different types of events will be grouped and displayed together for easier access
  • The event page icon is now a dynamic display of the event that’s happening
  • The “turret is under attack” announcement will not be played as frequently if the same turret is being attacked

Free-to-Play Champion Rotation

Jun 10 – Jun 16: Amumu, Fiora, Jhin, Kennen, Lee Sin, Lulu, Miss Fortune, Sona, Twisted Fate, Ziggs

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