League of Legends: Wild Rift 1.0A Patch Notes

League of Legends: Wild Rift’s 1.0A patch notes are here at last. The first balance update brings changes to champions like Blitzcrank, Vayne, and Xin Zhao. But, it seems like Xin Zhao has been hit the hardest in this balance update. Let’s unfold the entire story.

League of Legends: Wild Rift 1.0A Patch Notes



There’s no doubt that Blitzcrank is one of the strongest support champions in the current meta. As per Riot Games, even though Blitz’s hook is the primary weapon in his arsenal, he could still run down any enemy champion with ease thanks to the movement speed bonus from his second ability. So, these are the changes coming to Blitz:

Base Stats

Health: 690 → 650

Health Regen per Level: 1.07 → 0.81

(ULT) Static Shield

Damage: 250/375/500 → 200/325/450

Silence Duration: 1s → 0.5s

League of Legends: Wild Rift 1.0A Patch Notes


Vayne is a complete monster of a champion in the later stages of the game. Moreover, it is not at all fun to play against her in the baron lane. Riot is making Vayne more vulnerable by reducing the mobility in her kit. Vayne’s second skill (Silver Bolts) was doing way too much true damage, so it sees a nerf as well.

Silver Bolts

Damage: 50/70/90/110 → 30/50/70/90

Base Stats

Movement Speed: 330 →325

(PASSIVE) Night Hunter

Movement Speed Bonus: From 30 at Level 1 → 15 at Level 1 / 20 at Level 5 / 30 at Level 9

League of Legends: Wild Rift 1.0A Patch Notes

Xin Zhao

The champion with the highest pick and win rate in the current patch is none other than ‘Xin Zhao.’ With his deadly combo, you can take down any enemy champion. These are the reasons why Riot nerfed Xin Zhao in the 1.0A patch.


Attack Damage: 70 → 64

Armor per Level: 4.3 → 3.9

Health per Level: 115 → 105

Magic Resist: 38 → 30


Cast range: 6 → 5.5


Cooldown: 80/70/60s → 100/85/70s

Interestingly, Riot Games decided not to bring any changes to ‘Ezreal’ which is considered to be the most over-buffed champion in the game right now. No marksman can duel 1v1 with Ezreal once he gets to his items. Let us see when Riot is going to nerf Ezreal.


  • Fixed an issue where the bots were over performing in the Practice Mode (ironic)

October 25 Hotfix

  • On October 25, Riot Games deployed a hotfix to re-add the 60 FPS option for some devices.
  • However, many devices were still unable to run the game at 60 FPS. Some devices even reported crash issues while trying to play the game at high-end graphics. Riot said that, “We’re aware that many devices are unable to access higher graphics tiers, and are continuing to monitor the impact on game crashes.”

Update: Patch 1.0A is up and running!

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