League of Legends: Wild Rift 2.0 Patch Notes

Season 1 in League of Legends: Wild Rift is just around the corner, and fans and players are eagerly waiting for the first official ranked season to start their ranked climb. The developers at Riot Games have released the patch notes for the upcoming 2.0 patch. To sum it up for you guys, the new 2.0 patch brings five new champions from the ‘Bandle City,’ party-finder feature, and more to the game.

Champions Coming with this Update

  1. Corki
  2. Kennen
  3. Tristana
  4. Lulu 
  5. Teemo

Party-Finder Feature

  • Wild Rift players can now search for suitable allies to team up.
  • The players can create their lobbies or join public lobbies.
  • Moreover, open lobbies can be filtered by type.

Other In-Game Changes/Modifications

  1. Latency Indicators – A network indicator has been added to the home screen that tells players if they’re on Wi-Fi, 4G, or other networks. Moreover, an in-game indicator has been added that shows the actual latency to the players.
  2. Social Sharing – All the players can now share match results on Facebook and save screenshots to the camera roll. 
  3. Map Description – Players can now explore Wild Rift’s abridged Summoner’s Rift in detail.
  4. Tutorial Optimization – The in-game tutorials have been optimized, and players will be prompted to take specific tutorials to improve their performance.
  5. Champion Mastery Emotes – Now, players can flash a new emote once they reach level 5 mastery with a particular champion.

Apart from the modifications mentioned above, several changes to in-game systems like ping replies, dragon/baron spawn timers, and scoreboard logic are also coming with this update. Moreover, a bunch of new skins will be released as soon as Season 1 kicks-off in LoL Wild Rift. If you want to read the complete patch notes, then visit Wild Rift’s official website.

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