Big War Little Soldiers: WW2

Big War Little Soldiers: WW2

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Juega en PC con BlueStacks: la plataforma de juegos Android, en la que confían más de 500 millones de jugadores.

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Características del juego

For all the wannabe leaders, generals and world rulers out there, Big War Little Soldiers:WW2 leads you on an exciting journey as you battle other powerful nations for resources, land and ultimate power.

Campaign mode has that table top game feeling. It combines grand strategy decision making with arcade battles for a fun mobile gaming experience.

If you’re anything like us, you don’t just want to watch the battles as your strategic decisions unfold, rather, you want to immerse yourself in the action too as your adorably tiny yet courageous soldiers battle it out. The visually entertaining skirmishes take place on muddy battlefields, snow covered farmland, abandoned villages, at sea and much more.

▶️ Campaign mode puts you in the role of commander on the world map against a smart AI designed to fight against a single player grand strategy enthusiasts.
▶️ Arcade mode offers a range of different missions such as quick battle, defence, tank party, survival, snipers only!
▶️ Quick, fun, easy to pick up and play arcade style non-stop shooting action.
▶️ Weapons include rifles, machine guns, flame throwers, snipers, RPG, grenades, pistols and everyone's favourite, the shotgun.
▶️ Research to upgrade your unit stats and their weapons. Amass riches to upgrade your units and weapons.
▶️ Battles take place in over 50 land and sea arenas....yes we have included battleships!

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Juega Big War Little Soldiers: WW2 en la PC. Es fácil comenzar.

  • Descargue e instale BlueStacks en su PC

  • Complete el inicio de sesión de Google para acceder a Play Store, o hágalo más tarde

  • Busque Big War Little Soldiers: WW2 en la barra de búsqueda en la esquina superior derecha

  • Haga clic para instalar Big War Little Soldiers: WW2 desde los resultados de búsqueda

  • Complete el inicio de sesión de Google (si omitió el paso 2) para instalar Big War Little Soldiers: WW2

  • Haz clic en el ícono Big War Little Soldiers: WW2 en la pantalla de inicio para comenzar a jugar

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