Anagram Quizzer

Anagram Quizzer

Palabras | Goutham Jayaraman

Juega en PC con BlueStacks: la plataforma de juegos Android, en la que confían más de 500 millones de jugadores.

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Características del juego

Anagram Quizzer is a simple and effective app designed to help boost your word knowledge.

Primarily targeted at Scrabble tournament players, this app acts as a means for them to study words on the go, keeping their game sharp even while tending to their busy lives.

All it takes to jump right in is to either select from one of the over 200 provided Word Lists or to just let the app choose a random one for you by hitting Quick Play

Upon starting a quiz, you'll be presented with a number of flashcard-style questions where you'll have to tap on the tiles to name the answer(s). No pressure though. The game does not impose a timer, and allows as many hints as you need. Study what you want, when you want, and at your own pace!

Features include

- Saved Quizzes : Doing a mammoth quiz with a million questions and need to take a break? No problem.
- Custom Quizzes : Ability to generate a quiz to your liking
- Timed Quizzes : When zen mode is too boring.
- Cardbox : Study words more effectively by keeping correctly answered words from showing up in your quizzes
- Customization : Fun color pickers to play with and change the look of the app to your liking.
- Cardbox Plus : Revamped version of the Cardbox with high levels of flexibility and control to increase studying efficiency.

Dictionaries Used

- Collins Scrabble Words (CSW2019) © HarperCollins Publishers 2019
(Dictionary used in most tournaments worldwide).

- Tournament Word List 2019
(Dictionary used primarily in USA.)

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Juega Anagram Quizzer en la PC. Es fácil comenzar.

  • Descargue e instale BlueStacks en su PC

  • Complete el inicio de sesión de Google para acceder a Play Store, o hágalo más tarde

  • Busque Anagram Quizzer en la barra de búsqueda en la esquina superior derecha

  • Haga clic para instalar Anagram Quizzer desde los resultados de búsqueda

  • Complete el inicio de sesión de Google (si omitió el paso 2) para instalar Anagram Quizzer

  • Haz clic en el ícono Anagram Quizzer en la pantalla de inicio para comenzar a jugar

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