1, 2 BLAME! - Find the Killer

1, 2 BLAME! - Find the Killer

Casual | Noxfall Studios

Gioca su PC con BlueStacks: la piattaforma di gioco Android, considerata affidabile da oltre 500 milioni di giocatori.

Ultimo Aggiornamento 11 maggio 2021

Caratteristiche del gioco

1, 2 BLAME! is an online multiplayer game where Agents unmask the Killer.
Find the clues, equip and use items to acquire additional abilities, debate who’s the impostor and solve the mystery!

If your role is Agent, you must patrol the mansion and find all the clues that the enemy has laid out. Try to find out who the Killer may be!.

Killers and Accomplices:
If, on the other hand you are the Killer (or Accomplice), use all your tricks to deceive other players and take charge of the situation! Finish off the Agents before they catch you, otherwise you will meet a sticky end!

On your way through the Mansion, you will find very useful items such as the Bulletproof vest, the Master key or the First aid kit (who knows what may happen if you use it over a dead body). Equip those items to acquire additional abilities.

Character customization:
Character customization is one of the strongest features in 1, 2 BLAME! Collect a wide variety of cosmetics from hairstyles to epic pets. You can also press “Random”… and laugh or cry depending on the result!

- Multiplayer online game for 7-10 players
- Public Matches where you can play with other people worldwide
- Private Matches with extreme parameter customization so you can make it your own
- Exclusive Game Modes that change every week
- Great variety of skins to customize your character in a unique way
- Equippable items that grant you additional abilities
- Chat with other players using the in-game voice chat
- Season Pass with limited edition skins and rewards
- Double Round Debate: vote on the most suspicious player and then decide if you lock them up or neutralize them to end the game

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Gioca 1, 2 BLAME! - Find the Killer su PC. È facile iniziare.

  • Scarica e installa BlueStacks sul tuo PC

  • Completa l'accesso a Google per accedere al Play Store o eseguilo in un secondo momento

  • Cerca 1, 2 BLAME! - Find the Killer nella barra di ricerca nell'angolo in alto a destra

  • Fai clic per installare 1, 2 BLAME! - Find the Killer dai risultati della ricerca

  • Completa l'accesso a Google (se hai saltato il passaggio 2) per installare 1, 2 BLAME! - Find the Killer

  • Fai clic sull'icona 1, 2 BLAME! - Find the Killer nella schermata principale per iniziare a giocare

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