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Mainkan di PC dengan BlueStacks – platform Game-Game Android, dipercaya oleh lebih dari 500 juta gamer.

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Fitur-Fitur Game

The furry realm of Akaria is under attack by evil gooey monsters called Eroctopus, just as couple of powerful sorcerers return from one of their long journeys.

Now it is suddenly their duty to help the citizens escape from being mercilessly strangled to death by powerful tentacles, and they
must act quickly, before the damage is too big! Each sorcerer has their unique kind of spells, and they are harnessed from a tetris attack style puzzle board.

They're prepared to end this villainy once and for all!

Play two different storylines with your choice of character.

Nari: a powerful young fire sorcerer trying to make her name in Akaria. She might be a bit unstable sometimes, but she gets the job done without major casualities. Most of the times.

Medjay: a war veteran and the most widely known sorcerer in all of Akaria. Former member of the royal guard, before venturing into the world. He uses the arts of water and spirit, and nothing can possibly get on his nerves. (Except maybe Nari.)

Make haste to save the citizens of Akaria!

10 unique female stages
10 unique male stages

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