Raid Heroes

Raid Heroes

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Juega en PC con BlueStacks: la plataforma de juegos Android, en la que confían más de 500 millones de jugadores.

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Características del juego

Welcome to the fantastic universe of Raid Heroes, where magic meets epic!
Raid Heroes is a mobile role-playing game where you will have to beat several waves of enemies to reach the boss. Do you know what's the best in all of this? It's happening in real time! Develop your strategy by enhancing your character with the best equipment set, go on an adventure and use your spells to get out of trouble!

Are you craving for an immersive and cooperative gaming experience? Progress through the adventure and unlock more and more difficulty levels while becoming a badass raider!
In teams of three against the enemy, each player embodies a class between Knight (Tank), Cook (Healer) or Sorcerer (DPS).
The mobs are continously coming in for heroic and epic fights. Manage your mana and life points so you don't get your mates in trouble. If you want more fun, you can get by with a little help from your friends, invite them and play together. Let's go for legendary raids!

Raid Heroes also has a strong artistic direction with its 3D characters and its neat environment, all in a new universe where humor is mixed with the extraordinary.

Face your fate and listen to ancient artifacts to guide you on a new journey. The world is in danger and only the artifact holders can save it! Improve your strategy by choosing the most interesting spells according to your playing style, but don't forget that during a fight you will only be able to count on your tactics and your buddies.

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Juega Raid Heroes en la PC. Es fácil comenzar.

  • Descargue e instale BlueStacks en su PC

  • Complete el inicio de sesión de Google para acceder a Play Store, o hágalo más tarde

  • Busque Raid Heroes en la barra de búsqueda en la esquina superior derecha

  • Haga clic para instalar Raid Heroes desde los resultados de búsqueda

  • Complete el inicio de sesión de Google (si omitió el paso 2) para instalar Raid Heroes

  • Haz clic en el ícono Raid Heroes en la pantalla de inicio para comenzar a jugar

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