Attack on Titan 2 Gameplay

Attack on Titan 2 Gameplay

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Last Updated March 26, 2021

Game Features

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle builds on the fast-paced action the series is famous for, and features an abundance of new and exciting gameplay mechanics. Not only does this package feature the events of Season 1 and 2 of the Attack on Titan anime series through the point of view of a custom character (A.O.T. 2), but it includes the pivotal plot of Season 3 through many fan-favourite character's points of view. Strap on your omni-directional mobility gear and prepare to confront all of the conflict of the popular anime series like never befor.
- Fight through Seasons 1-3 of the popular anime series with over 40 playable characters with several playable for the first time in Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle
- Reclaim the lands outside the wall back from the Titans in the new 'Wall Reclamation' mode! Create a squad of your favourite characters to head out into battle and face their Titanic foes
- Equip the frenetic anti-personnel combat gear to fight against human foes - Titans aren't the only threat in Season 3's enthralling narrative
When Attack on Titan – AoT (or Shingeki no Kyojin – SNK) first released in 2013, it was a huge phenomenon among international anime community. People absolutely went crazy with this series and they were “thirst” for the second season, especially with the season 1’s cliffhanging ending. 4 years later, Attack on Titan Season 2 has finally come this year… with another cliffhanging ending. It got tons of positive reviews, but somehow, many viewers didn’t consider SNK Season 2 that highly. Nonetheless, Attack on Titan Season 3 has already been announced for 2018 and fans are “desperately” waiting for it. But while waiting for this next SNK season, why not take a look back at our “controversial” Attack on Titan Season 2? So here we are: How Good Is Attack on Titan Season 2? – A Round-Up AoT Season 2 Review!

Probably the two biggest reasons why Attack on Titan manga so well received are its horror – merciless vibe, and the story’s mysteries and plot twists.

For those who are so used to other shonen series like Dragon Ball or Naruto, probably you won’t like Attack on Titan firsthand (and no, it’s not really due to “ugly art”). AoT is sort of a dark fantasy where tragedy and deaths happen all over the place. You will find tons of merciless death in this series, even the important characters. It truly gives out a sense that even main protagonist is not protected by the “plot armor”.

And of course more importantly, we have tons of mysteries and plot twists about the world of AoT. The prime example is the origin of Titans. No one knows how they exist and it gives out a sense of fear, feat of the unknown (which often works splendid in dark fantasy/horror story). And as we follow the story, we gradually encounter more important questions: What is the government behind the walls? Where did the special Titans like Colossal Titan or Armored Titan come from?

All of these twists and turns make Attack on Titan unpredictable. And combining with the sweet “death and gore”, AoT truly has an unique charm which makes we want to follow. With such successful manga series, what we concern left is how good is the anime, specifically Attack on Titan 2?

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