Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire

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Spider Solitaire is a popular CLASSIC single player card game.
This game is sometimes called 'Spiderette' or 'Spiderwort', but it’s always a challenge that will puzzle your brain for hours of endless fun!
You're going to love this fun and exciting 'solitaire' card game!

"Spider Solitaire" contains two modes of play: Spider mode and Solitaire mode.

How to play SPIDER MODE:
* Two standard 52-card packs are used.
* The goal is to assemble 13 cards of a suit, in ascending sequence from ace through king, on top of a pile. Whenever a full suit of 13 cards is so assembled, it is lifted off and discarded from the game. The game is won if all eight suits are played out.
* Ten piles of five cards each are dealt by rows. The first four cards of each pile are dealt face down, the top cards face up.
* The top card of a pile may be moved, together with all face-up cards below it that follow in ascending suit and sequence.
* A sequence of available cards may be broken at any point by leaving some cards behind.
* A movable unit of cards may be placed either in a space or on a card of the next-higher rank to the bottom card of the unit, regardless of color or suit.
* A king can be moved only onto a space. Alternatively, the spaces may be filled with any movable unit.
* When all possible or desired moves come to a standstill, the player deals another row of ten cards face up. However, before such a deal may be made, all spaces must be filled. The final deal consists of only four cards, which are placed on the first four piles.

- One, move cards of a different color on top of a card that is one number higher.
- Two, move cards onto the foundation piles. Foundation piles are started with the ace in each suit and can be played on in sequence up to the king in each suit.
- Three, reveal a card from the deck. Cards can be revealed one at a time for easier game play or reveal every third card for a more challenge game.
- Continue to move cards around in these 3 ways until all cards are moved to the foundation piles (win) or there are no more moves to be made (lose).

- FUN and ORIGINAL Spider Solitaire
* CLASSIC play mode, classic interface, ORIGINAL experience! Whoever plays is exclaiming!
* Experience the crisp, clear, and easy to read cards, simple and quick animations, and subtle sounds.

- Fun Daily Challenges
* Daily Challenges with festive calendar themes for each month
* Complete challenges in a row to win beautiful trophies

- You can play anytime, anywhere
* Use the Unrestricted Deal setting to deal new cards, even with empty slots
* Unlimited Deal! Unlimited undo option! Unlimited Hints! Great bonus awards!

- Customizable beautiful themes
- 1-suit, 2-suit, and 4-suit modes supported
- Single tap or drag&drop to move cards
- Patience Solitaire with left-handed mode
- Auto-collect cards on completion
- Unlimited "Undo" moves
- Feature to use "Hints"
- Feature to use "Magic Wands"
- Multiple languages supported
- Play offline at any time

Download now, and relive the familiar card game you know and love with the Spider Solitaire.
Our Spider Solitaire card game will give you endless fun. And the most important thing is that it is a single player card game and available for Free!

Here is a brief description of what spider solitaire:
"Although Spider Solitaire hasn’t been around as long as the other varieties, it still has some history. The game got its name because a spider has eight legs and there are 8 discard piles that have to be filled and it is also true that the game is based on a similar Solitaire game called Scorpion. This game originated in 1949 and became a popular variety among players of Solitaire. "

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