CityMix Tripeaks.Solitaire Games Free. Cards Story

CityMix Tripeaks.Solitaire Games Free. Cards Story

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Gioca su PC con BlueStacks: la piattaforma di gioco Android, considerata affidabile da oltre 500 milioni di giocatori.

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Caratteristiche del gioco

Playing card games is a great way to relax which is possible with tripeaks that helps you train your memory and brain. The CityMix is more than just another all in one solitaire♠♥♠♥!


✨ Relate to the story, feel the warmth and coziness of a small town and play a free card game on your way in this fairytale. Playing solitaire card games has become as interesting as watching an intriguing series.

❤ A quiet small city is in trouble: a long-awaited grand harvest festival was already around the corner, but now they have the cards stacked against them because of a sudden hurricane that intervened as if on purpose. Do you think you can overcome the consequences of the disaster? Our loyal friends Vicky and Raccoon are getting ready to keep you company in this challenging quest! Fasten your belts, prepare to see something new, even if you play solitaire 250 times a day😎.

👀 Join the companions on the journey to the places of childhood memories. Go for a scooter ride with a lively granny, stop by a handy carpenter's workshop and visit an eccentric engineer, the joker in the pack - she's the one to go to when dealing with tricky puzzles. Card games seem simple only at first sight, so here you will truly fulfil your talent to solve solitare tripeaks riddles.

🧩 Follow the plot and discover a thousand secrets together with the characters, decorate the square, take care of the renovation, and enjoy the beauty of a small city. A warmhearted story, a grand harvest of unique playing levels with interesting obstacles, nice and charming characters - all those things await you in a new exciting adventure which is CityMix Tripeaks.Solitaire Games Free!

♠ klondike, solitaire deluxe and classic solitaire fans will appreciate the renewed gameplay
♣ get bonuses that will make winning in solitare patience even easier and nicer
♥ no ads (a rare thing in the card games for free category) - nothing will distract you from winning
♦ play solitaire tripeaks and relax while the exciting story won't let you get bored
🃏 this is a free card game, you can play without any donation, although some things can be bought
🌍 You can play from anywhere in the world, even offline - without Internet connection, your solitare patience is always with you. If you have been looking for a card game, you have found the best out of 250 solitaire apps😎!

🏆 Do you have any questions? We are always there to help! Here is our e-mail to connect Are you still thinking if you should try card games for free or not? A thousand reasons to install CityMix Tripeaks.Solitaire Games Free!

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