Dice Adventures: Turn Based Roguelike Game

Dice Adventures: Turn Based Roguelike Game

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Mainkan di PC dengan BlueStacks – platform Game-Game Android, dipercaya oleh lebih dari 500 juta gamer.

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Your Favorite DICEY GAME
Dice Adventures is a turn based roguelike game where you equip your hero with cards. And you activate the cards with the help of dice.

Lots of random dungeons, dozens of enemy types, hundreds of cards, and hours of gameplay!

Roll Dice to Win the Dicey Battles!
The mechanics of battles are based on a simple principle. Your hero is equipped with cards. Each card is a special ability that can be used in battle. At the beginning of each turn, you roll dice and use them to activate cards.

Dice Mechanics Battles
The combat system is based on dice. Basically, each die is an action point that can be used to defend your character or attack an opponent. With leveling up the main character, you will receive more dice in battle, which means more opportunities for action.

Explore the Dicey Dungeons
The goal of each dungeon run is to find and defeat the boss. But this is not that easy. You will need to go through several floors, defeat dozens of enemies and upgrade your character. You will find chests, shops, exchange offices, blacksmiths, and other unique elements of the random dungeon.

Different Characters
At the start of the game, only one character is available - Dicey Knight. But over time, their number will increase to 6. Each hero has a unique combat mechanic in his dungeon run. This creates unique gameplay with each hero. You will meet 2 more heroes in the game: Trickster and a Magician.

6 game modes
For each hero, there are 6 different episodes. Each episode differs not only in unique dungeons and dicey enemies but also in unique random game features. Somewhere basic skills work differently, somewhere the enemies are stronger than usual. And somewhere all battle cards go crazy and behave differently than you are used to.

112 Gaming Cards
Currently, there are 112 game cards in the game. Each card is a unique skill for fighting an opponent. Some cards are large, they occupy 2 cells in the character's inventory. And some are small — occupy 1 cell. Your hero has only 6 cells, so it’s the maximum amount of cards for the dicey battle.

Updates Every Week
The whole team is constantly working on the game: the developer, illustrator, programmer, and game designer. We will try to release updates every week. But in the worst case - 2 times a month with large changes.

We hope you enjoy the game. And you will leave us positive feedback. Thank you!

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