The Fortress which silenced for centuries are about to reactivate, by then, only war can bring peace to this suffered land. Commander, welcome to the world to Doom Blitz, to fight alongside your allies, and claim your dominance!

Unique Features:
1. Command your elite troops in real time, to complete hundreds of campaign battles.

2. Upgrade various production, military, and troop technologies before you go to a war!

3. Sentinel, Warrior, Mecha, Trooper, Reaper and Cannon, 6 types of troops from the future are waiting for you to command. Simply swipe on the screen to deploy your units to any formation you want.

4. Recruit heroes through campaigns and events, explore infinite possibilities in group them up!

5. Command maximum of 7 armies at the same time, teleport to anywhere on the map.
Gather resources, solo & rally attack, and cooperate with your allies to take territories from hostile alliances.
Attend daily events and alliance fest to get abundant rewards.
You will never get bored in the world of Doom Blitz!

6. Innovative Fortress War gameplay. Participation, organization and wisdom are the keys to the final victory!

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