A Certain Scientific Railgun:Spectrum Story

A Certain Scientific Railgun:Spectrum Story

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Game Features

A surprise video call...with Mikoto Misaka?!
Experience an all-new A Certain Scientific Railgun video chat adventure!

Dive into an all-new video chat adventure based on A Certain Scientific Railgun, the highly successful spinoff entry in the "A Certain" series, which began with A Certain Magical Index and has since sold over 31 million copies.
Converse with main heroine Mikoto Misaka (CV: Rina Sato) via video chat, and unlock an unfolding story as you get to know each other!

■Contact, Communicate, Connect
Use your own smartphone to converse with Mikoto, recreated faithfully in 3D!
Advance the story and unlock new Topics to lead the conversation the way you want!
Pick the right dialogue options to deepen your bond with Mikoto and even unlock new scenes!

Dedicated opening cutscenes bring your video calls to life!

The perfect chance for "A Certain" fans to experience a whole new side of Mikoto through an original, exclusive script!

■Newly recorded voices!
With every voiced line freshly recorded, this is an auditory treat not to be missed.
A fully voiced introduction further enhances the experience. Play with the volume up!

■Complete your photo album!
Collect snaps of memorable Railgun moments through conversations with Mikoto and others!

■And that's not all...
・Watch the hours go by in Academy City in real time, and see in-game environments and conversation options change with the time of day
・Progress through the story to unlock the ability to receive a wake-up call from Mikoto
・Interact with Mikoto and other familiar faces through text chat, and collect commemorative photos
・See Mikoto dressed in a variety of outfits, complete with their own exclusive scenarios
*Clothing options and their associated scenarios will require additional purchase.

■■■ operating environment ■■■
Android 6.0 or higher / Memory (RAM) 4GB or higher
※Devices that do not meet the above requirements will not be eligible for support or compensation.
※Even if the above requirements are met, the device may not operate properly due to the performance of the device or the communication environment.

■■■ Important ■■■
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This app requires online functionality to open. Please ensure that you have access to a stable network connection before launching.
This app requires approximately 900 MB of empty storage space. Please ensure that you have sufficient empty space on your device prior to purchase.
Please be advised that the time required for download and installation may vary greatly depending on user circumstances.
Using this app's online functions (e.g., making in-app purchases) under poor network conditions may result in data loss or failure to save settings. Please ensure that you are connected to a stable network connection before using this app.

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