Union Raid

Union Raid


Mainkan di PC dengan BlueStacks – platform Game-Game Android, dipercaya oleh lebih dari 500 juta gamer.

Pembaruan Terakhir 14 Juli 2021

Fitur-Fitur Game

Like stars in the sky, kings rise and set in every corner of the world.

It is said that each of them was protected by one of the six gods, each of whom represented one essential element, namely Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. Yet, the war among them never ceased.

For the sake of peace, the Creator sealed the powers of these gods with an artifact named Estoile that finally put an end to the war.

Thousands of years have passed, the bodies of these kings have rotted, but not their souls.
Meanwhile, a lurking evil force is trying to break the peace.

Somewhere in the world, the reincarnates of these kings have been waiting for someone to unleash their power again......

✧ Huge Cast of Heroes ✧
More than 80 beautifully drawn in live 2-D and chibi style Valkyries each with their own background story and unique skills available. Collect them all and unleash their potential in battle.

✧ Deploy with different formations ✧
Take advantage of the elemental system and job system, devise various strategy depending on enemy types and lead your Valkyries to victory!

✧ Grow with your Valkyries ✧
Unlock special portraits by leveling up your Valkyries through battles and spend time to building a bond through interactions in the dormitory.

✧ Start and grow your Society ✧
Start a Society with your friends and conquer the campus. Fight bosses, participate in seasonal Society battles and boost your team with various buffs.

✧ Variety of Dungeons ✧
Visit the Ise Ruins and enter various dungeons to hunt for resources

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Baca Lebih Sedikit Baca Lebih Banyak

Mainkan Union Raid di PC Mudah saja memulainya.

  • Unduh dan pasang BlueStacks di PC kamu

  • Selesaikan proses masuk Google untuk mengakses Playstore atau lakukan nanti

  • Cari Union Raid di bilah pencarian di pojok kanan atas

  • Klik untuk menginstal Union Raid dari hasil pencarian

  • Selesaikan proses masuk Google (jika kamu melewati langkah 2) untuk menginstal Union Raid

  • Klik ikon Union Raid di layar home untuk membuka gamenya

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