Features & Details

Ant Evolution is a simple and interesting ant simulator strategy game, where Your main mission is to expand Your ant colony, collecting food and resources, growing the herd and fighting against many enemies. Make workers and soldiers, defend Your anthill, make beautiful terrarium, watch interesting life simulator, evolve your ants and create greatest ant colony!

What is Ant Evolution? It is:

- Interesting and simple ant simulation strategy game
- Watch fascinating ants life
- Fight against many types of hostile insects (spiders, hornets, beetles etc.)
- Create various ants with special duties and roles (worker ant, soldier ant, acid ant, fire ant etc.)
- Collect food and resources
- Upgrade ants and anthill
- Conquer red ants nest and unlock new levels and regions
- Create hordes of ants, like an ant factory
- Create beautiful ant terrarium
- Interesting life simulator
- Invade the garden
- Make Your ants life bit by bit better
- Play in various modes
- Nice pixel style graphics
- and many, many more ant sim content...

If in childhood you liked to observe ants, their daily underground life, behavior, strategies, how they collect food and resources, how they build pine needle fortifications, or how they fight with many threats, and even more if You had Your own ant colony terrarium - You definitely going to love Ant Evolution - it's the best ant sim life simulator game from all ant terrarium, life simulator games! ❤
It brings many good old memories from our childhood, and also it will make your bit life much happier! 😃

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