Features & Details

We have found that most users have delayed feedback, and we have already paid attention and are looking for ways to replace the technical solution. Since the machine does not know well which part is the eye and which part is the mouth, it is recommended that you keep the phone stable when playing the game; please keep the distance between the phone and the face fixed.

Welcome everyone to comment on our feedback, but hope not to directly slap our developers, thank you for your understanding.

A game you can play with the blink of an eye?
The flying face game, which is popular in social media, now you can play it on iOS.
Come and compete with your friends to see who can blink the best.

Game features :
- A comprehensive upgrade of classic gameplay, using new technology to play classic games.
- Use face recognition system, blink to control the game.
- Levels are generated randomly, each time with a different experience.

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