Arena Domination

Arena Domination

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Graj na PC z BlueStacks – Platforma gamingowa Android, która uzyskała zaufanie ponad 500 milionów graczy!

Ostatnia aktualizacja 23 czerwca 2021

Funkcje Gry

Arena Domination is the best place for fast-paced fantasy multiplayer battles! Try different tactics, build your base, evolve your units, and dominate the battlefield!

In this unique blend of fantasy strategy game and fast 1v1 arena brawler, you can outsmart, outgun, or outrun your opponent in the blaze of glory! Bored with all similar pvp games? Want to try something different and fresh? Create your own style of gameplay—try different tactics, base builds, and rushes to win in the fantasy Arena!

Base building: shape the gameplay arena with various building and obstacles
Place your towers, walls and spawners wherever you want on the platform
Send A.I. controlled minions that will automatically fight on your side
Customization: change your avatar and emotes to freely express yourself
Choose additional gameplay modes with special power-ups and battle modifications

Control your Hero to dominate the battlefield
Collect, customize and upgrade units
Create or join guilds and share resources
Quests: finish various types of daily and weekly quests and receive rewards
Join Arena’s community and receive unique rewards

Duel players from around the world in one-on-one real-time battles
Defeat your opponents, win trophies, and make your way through the leagues
Make your way through Global and Local Rankings

Build, expand, and win in this epic brawl. Enter Arena and become Legend!

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Zagraj w Arena Domination na PC. To takie proste.

  • Pobierz i zainstaluj BlueStacks na PC

  • Zakończ pomyślnie ustawienie Google, aby otrzymać dostęp do sklepu Play, albo zrób to później.

  • Wyszukaj Arena Domination w pasku wyszukiwania w prawym górnym rogu.

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  • Klinij w ikonę Arena Domination na ekranie startowym, aby zacząć grę

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