Zombite - Fight Zombies and Become the Hero

Zombite - Fight Zombies and Become the Hero

Action | Hyper Mania

Jouez sur PC avec BlueStacks - la plate-forme de jeu Android, approuvée par + 500M de joueurs.

Caractéristiques de Jeu

Are you ready to fight zombies and become the hero?!

Start your zombie adventure and complete missions in this action-adventure top down shooter.

Many weapons to unlock and upgrade and waves of zombies to defeat!
Level up your hero to unlock secret abilities and save the world

Enter a world where you are the chosen hero!

You are the hero, and with your epic weapons and skills your goal is to the defeat the hordes of zombies coming for you, only you can stop this zombie apocalypse
Advance through the levels and gain experience to unlock incredible skills. There are many skills to be unlocked like ricochet, double bullets, or faster shooting.

Fight incredibly strong bosses and prove that you are the chosen hero
The combination of zombies and hit and run survival game is what Zombite brings to the table.

Key Features
-Use an incredible array of weapons designed to fight zombies
-Unlock skills to help you on your zombie adventure
-Multiple worlds, each with its own original zombies
-Hundreds of never seen before enemies to crush
-Make progress every time you play this addictive game
-Shoot and load while you are standing in place
-Random selection of power ups, abilities and weapons
-Epic boss fights

Each time you enter the zombie world your progress is saved and you are always playing to unlock a new feature. If you can’t survive, you will have to restart, but all the progress and XP you have gained stays with you and you can continue to progress.

Each level needs 6 stars to be completed, and every time you enter the stage to fight the zombie, the progress will be saved for you even if you don’t reach the end of the world you are playing.

Zombite brings a new twist to the top down shooter genre by improving the controls and making sure every time you play you progress in the game.
Get ready to start this adventure and fight zombies in different worlds and levels.

You will have to guide your hero through multiple worlds and make your way to the final room and defeat the ultimate boss. Every run starts with the selection of a random skill and weapon. Throughout the adventure you will unlock special abilities and new weapons to fight the zombies. Every time you play your skills set can be different as the weapon and power ups are random. You can customize your hero skills to reflect your favorite combination. Do you like multi shots? ricochet? Start your adventure and fight the zombie apocalypse!

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Jouez à Zombite - Fight Zombies and Become the Hero sur PC. C'est facile de commencer.

  • Téléchargez et installez BlueStacks sur votre PC

  • Connectez-vous à Google pour accéder au Play Store ou faites-le plus tard

  • Recherchez Zombite - Fight Zombies and Become the Hero dans la barre de recherche dans le coin supérieur droit

  • Cliquez pour installer Zombite - Fight Zombies and Become the Hero à partir des résultats de la recherche

  • Connectez-vous à Google (si vous avez ignoré l'étape 2) pour installer Zombite - Fight Zombies and Become the Hero

  • Cliquez sur l'icône Zombite - Fight Zombies and Become the Hero sur l'écran d'accueil pour commencer à jouer

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