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Dernière mise à jour 5 mai 2019

Jouez sur PC avec BlueStacks - la plate-forme de jeu Android, approuvée par + 400M de joueurs.

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Caractéristiques de Jeu

The World needs your help! Turmoil is spreading across the Nation, Banditry is taking over people's hopes cause a lot of suffering, people's need the chosen one to save them! explore Japanese Style Romance of Three Kingdoms RPG, all exciting journey are waiting ahead! tons of features will take you to next level of gaming experience, answer destiny call and save the world from devestation!

✰ Login 7 Days and get SSS General For FREE! ✰

• Anime Style 3 Kingdoms Legendary General •
Guan Yu, Zhao Yun, Zhuge Liang transform into Kawaii, Cute and Sexy Anime Style Hero, Recruit and form the invincible squad, adventure across the land and stop the chaos!

• Gear Up Your General and Win The War •
Forge Zhang Fei Serpent Spear or Enhance Zhao Yu Sword of Divine to increase you Battle Power! Reach maximum power and you're ready for to beat all enemies ahead!

• PVP Arena Global Competitions •
Compete against global players in Dragon Arena! beat them and become the arena conqueror! get tons of prizes and claim your throne as the strongest warriors in history!

• 24/7 Exciting Events •
You will never get bored while playing Love 3 Kingdoms! 24/7 Exciting Events with hundreds of rewards are opened for participant, Login Everyday and claim your free rewards.

• Stop Demodragon Invasion •
Demodragon wakes after hundreds years! he's ready to destroy all the peacefulness and spreading the evils powers! Gather all the powers in the game and beat the Demodragon!

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