Features & Details

Iron Conquest is a free-to-play real-time strategy game set in World War II.

World War II never ended - it continues on your device!
Decades of endless battles erased governmental regimes and global borders. Establish a new government, choose your allies wisely, and outsmart your enemies with devastating strategies! The next chapter of global history is awaiting you!

Game Features

☆ Exquisite 3D Graphics ☆
The cities, army, and global map are specially designed with historical accuracy. Dive into an immersive World War II environment now!

☆ Innovative Global Map Gameplay ☆
Station your forces in strategic locations. Assign your armies to patrol global map areas in real-time, affecting the movement patterns of your enemies. Strategy matters!

☆ Best-in-Class Strategic Military Units ☆
Tanks, long range artillery, close and middle range infantry, medevacs and support vehicles-- all at your disposal! Build an army from scratch to execute your most daring strategy!

☆ Commanders with Diverse Skills and Talents ☆
Dozens of commanders with unique active and passive skills--ranging from carpet bombing to artillery support to real-time medical support--are at your command. Assign them strategic tasks. Forge medals to enhance commander stats for better performance in battles!

☆ Real-Time Battles ☆
Participate in exciting real-time global map PVP battles. See an ally under siege? Send reinforcements to break the blockade! Plan immediate counterattacks before enemy reinforcements arrive.

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