456 Imposter Survival Game

456 Imposter Survival Game

Azione | Boss Level Studio

Gioca su PC con BlueStacks: la piattaforma di gioco Android, considerata affidabile da oltre 500 milioni di giocatori.

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Caratteristiche del gioco

Have you ever wonder what if there're super powers when playing 456 Survival? Join now and experience in 456 Imposter Survival Game!

Be a smart and brave imposter to use super powers wisely. Keep in mind that squid challenges are harder than you think they are. Try as hard as you can and win the games as fast as possible before time's up. Otherwise, you will not survive till the end. Play and unlock imposter heroes to get perfect skills and fabulous skins. The more superheroes you unlock, the higher chances you have to win the survival battle!

⚔ Green Light, Red Light: The two rule that you have to keep in mind is "Stop when red and Run when green"
⚔ Dalgona Challenge: Break the candy with to come out with different shape like: star, umbrella, circle,...
⚔ Tug of War: Use your strength to win against the other group. Remember only 50% of you will survive in this game
⚔ Marble Rolling: Play marbles in the right hole in one shot, don't let rival win this game
⚔ Glass Stepping Stone: Choose the right glass stone so that your fate wont end regretfully

- Fun and addictive gameplays
- Attractive 2D graphic design
- Full packpage of Imposter Heroes
- Easy to control and simple rules to follow
- Various challenging levels to conquer

Chance to become Billionaire is on your hand now. So get ready and survive in 456 Imposter Survival Game

But remember to watch out the time or you will DIE! 💀


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Gioca 456 Imposter Survival Game su PC. È facile iniziare.

  • Scarica e installa BlueStacks sul tuo PC

  • Completa l'accesso a Google per accedere al Play Store o eseguilo in un secondo momento

  • Cerca 456 Imposter Survival Game nella barra di ricerca nell'angolo in alto a destra

  • Fai clic per installare 456 Imposter Survival Game dai risultati della ricerca

  • Completa l'accesso a Google (se hai saltato il passaggio 2) per installare 456 Imposter Survival Game

  • Fai clic sull'icona 456 Imposter Survival Game nella schermata principale per iniziare a giocare

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