Spanish Solitaire

Spanish Solitaire

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Gioca su PC con BlueStacks: la piattaforma di gioco Android, considerata affidabile da oltre 500 milioni di giocatori.

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Caratteristiche del gioco


Main characteristics:
- Play different Spanish Solitaire variants: Classic and Las Vegas
- It includes help and play explanation
- Settings: Cards size and resolution, cards back color, sound, scoreboards, table and scores color, cards numbers size, cards movements (only one click, doble click,...),...
- Scores: Matches, times, more and fewer movements, points,...
- Achievements: They allow to achieve experiencie points
- Save and load game
- Unlimited undo
- Landscape and vertical orientation (two different arrangements are posible, so the cards will be bigger)
- Move to SD

- The aim of the game is to build up a stack of cards starting with ace and ending with King, all of the same suit.
- After shuffling, seven piles of cards are laid. Each pile begins with one upturned card. Partial or complete piles can be moved if they are built down by different suits

Scoring Spanish Solitaire:
- Points are won by moving cards to foundation piles, by moving waste cards and by upturning cards. If the match is completed, there is a final bonus
- In Las Vegas variant points are achieved by moving cards to foundation piles.

The rules settings allow changing some of this rules:
- Classic game or Las vegas one
- 40 or 48 cards deck (with eight and nines)
- Turning only one card at a time or three at once
- Allow undo

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Gioca Spanish Solitaire su PC. È facile iniziare.

  • Scarica e installa BlueStacks sul tuo PC

  • Completa l'accesso a Google per accedere al Play Store o eseguilo in un secondo momento

  • Cerca Spanish Solitaire nella barra di ricerca nell'angolo in alto a destra

  • Fai clic per installare Spanish Solitaire dai risultati della ricerca

  • Completa l'accesso a Google (se hai saltato il passaggio 2) per installare Spanish Solitaire

  • Fai clic sull'icona Spanish Solitaire nella schermata principale per iniziare a giocare

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