Armada : Warship Legends

Armada : Warship Legends

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페이지 수정 날짜: 2022. 2. 15.

게임 특징

Armada is a Turn-Based Naval Battle Si-Fi RPG with hundreds famouse warships in the history. It is still an Early Access version now, we want to collect your feedback so that we can make the game better before we officially launch it. Thank you for playing the game dear commanders.

Construct your naval base and build your own fleet! Battle your way through epic Campaign and Storm sea.
Recruit warships around the world or build your ships from your own shipyard.

Assemble the greatest fleet of warships for strategic victories!

✔️[Strategic Gameplay]
Witness the dazzling display of each Warship's unique skills.
Different crew groups to pick and choose additional abilities for your warships!
Come up with the best strategy to win battles.

✔️[Endless Fun]
Construct, decorate your naval base, battle other commanders, explore unknow oceans, fight in PvP battles, expand your Collection, train warships, and more.

✔️[Massive Collection]
Battleship, carrier, crusier, destoyer.
Different warships,z different attributes and thousands combination to against all kind of challenge!
Collect as many warships as you can and assemble the greatest fleet.

Command center, shipyards, factories, market, roads, trees...
Build up your naval base, which is the key point to develop your great fleet.
Also you can customize it with your favourite style.

✔️[Raid other players]
Look for opponent and raid their base for resources. Train and arm your warships, to be the king on the ocean!

You need to find as many as experienced crew as you can.
They will enhance the power of your fleet with their unique abilities.

✔️[Special action]
Every day, the government will issues bounty for the commanders to complete their special missions.
Carefully choose the mission to earn your greate reward if you don't want to bury at the bottom of the ocean.

✔️[Super giant warships]
They are big, powerful and mysterious.
They are hiding all over the world and no one knows where they came from.
Explore and find them, challenge and defeat them with your clan allies to get unique materials in return.

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