Features & Details

Conquer real-life cities, in real-time action, against real players globally!
Salvage. Build. Protect. Kill. Survive. Conquer. This is your destiny now.

Rule the real world
Conquer the real-life cities - New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Berlin, London, San Francisco and Shanghai and be the new ruler of the world!

Real-time Strategy Against Real Players
Conquer the real-life cities and fight against real players! It is either attack or be attacked as you are surrounded by thousands of real players from all around the world with the same goal as you. It’s all about your strategy. Make every battle, every move count.

Gear Up Your Commander
Level up your Commanders and customise your skills, as well as craft new pieces of equipment to wear from head to toe! What’s more, you will be given the chance to unlock different commanders with different resources or battle specialties to become the face of your faction!

Customize Your Army
Build and customize your own army of battle-hardened tanks, spider drones, helicopters and troops to fit your battle strategy of choice. Command them all!

Team Up With Power Alliances
Team up with trusty real-life player allies all fighting for the same cause. Assist one another for collective gains and plan out military strategies with them in times of desperation and request reinforcements!

Play Survival Tactics On BlueStacks

BlueStacks 4 is a brand new Android emulator and also the only gaming platform designed and built for gamers.

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