Tales of Monster

Tales of Monster

Aventure | Emotional Documentary

Jouez sur PC avec BlueStacks - la plate-forme de jeu Android, approuvée par + 500M de joueurs.

Caractéristiques de Jeu

Pure Japanese adventure drama card game came, and cute pet adventure, welcome to open your new adventure journey.

[Hot blood combat fair competition, full perspective combat full of variables]
Carefully restore every signature skill and unique setting of the character in the original work, release skills, combine moves, enjoy the cool feeling of pet fighting, and fight in the arena fully.

[The road of adventure is open to exploration, and random events are the real adventure.]
The adventurer's partner should be free to explore the Ether, obtain supplies to challenge the enemy, trigger fun treasure chests and random events, the magical pet adventure road is waiting for you to open!

[ Partners come on stage to form the strongest exclusive team]
In this land, no one is born alone, quickly gather your friends to fight together! The starting point is Zhenxin Town, and the goal is victory. Restore an immersive pet world for adventurers!

[Warm Tips]
※ According to the game software grading regulations of the Republic of China, The game is classified as supplementary 15.
※ This game contains light bloody fighting scenes.
※ This game is free to use, in addition to provide the purchase of virtual game coins, goods and other payment services.
※ Please pay attention to the game time to avoid addiction.

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Jouez à Tales of Monster sur PC. C'est facile de commencer.

  • Téléchargez et installez BlueStacks sur votre PC

  • Connectez-vous à Google pour accéder au Play Store ou faites-le plus tard

  • Recherchez Tales of Monster dans la barre de recherche dans le coin supérieur droit

  • Cliquez pour installer Tales of Monster à partir des résultats de la recherche

  • Connectez-vous à Google (si vous avez ignoré l'étape 2) pour installer Tales of Monster

  • Cliquez sur l'icône Tales of Monster sur l'écran d'accueil pour commencer à jouer

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