Features & Details

Wild West Craft. Cowboy creative & survival in west world!
You are a cowboy, living in the wild west, you have to use your own hands to craft a world of your own!
This is an open and free mini world where you can craft and design the world according to your own ideas!
What can you do here?
You can build your own house, swimming pool, villa, castle! There are a thousand different blocks available!
You can turn on the flying mode and fly freely in the sky!
You can use TNT explosives to open the forest!
You can even go fishing in the sea!
You can craft as many as dozens of animals! Create Lions, tigers, horses, buy, brown bears, etc.! There are also many fish and birds!
Of course you can ride around the horse!
You can also go hunting with a shotgun!
You can also plant flowers and grow crops! Here you can craft dozens of plants!
Wild West Features:
1. HD realistic 3D graphics
2. Thousands of different types of block are available for craft
3. Open world sandbox game
4. Western World Desert Landscape
5. Free

Come on, cowboy, craft in your western world!

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