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African chimpanzees are famous for catching ants using twigs as tools. This is solid evidence that animals are able to use tools. However, in [AntHolic], you’ll have to catch ants with your bare hands!

Use your finger - which is, according to Steve, the best mobile computing tool created by God - to crush the ants on your screen. Experience the satisfying feeling of squashing ants! Pull off insane combo streaks, and your points will go through the roof!!

This is [AntHolic].

◆ Crush the ants! ◆
Annoying ants are showing up from nowhere and ruining the clear, white screen! Press down hard on these pesky ants!

◆ Combos are the key! Tap as quickly as you can! ◆
Playing a game at a snail’s speed means no fun and no points. Show off your fantastic skills! 100 Combos? 200 Combos? It’s entirely possible.

◆ Play with your friends, and the whole world! ◆
Becoming the best player among your friends is just the beginning. The world is huge, and there are lots of experts out there. Keep on testing your limits and become the best!

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