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Pembaruan Terakhir 21 Desember 2018

Mainkan di PC dengan BlueStacks – platform Game-Game Android, dipercaya oleh lebih dari 400 juta gamer.

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Fitur-Fitur Game

SkyLine AVGF - the last hope of human,join hands with Ace Doll to defend our common sky!! Eliminate the invading "Sins",no matter how much ahead less difficult,beautiful Ace Doll will be by your side!!

- Lead the beautiful Ace Doll and recapture the sky! A fighter & beautiful girl will develop a game!!

- AVGF is a mysterious and powerful justice organization that fights in the form of fighter planes and "Sins" that destroy the earth!!

- Gorgeous Voice Character lineup to accompany you to an epic work

◆◆◆What is "SkyLine-AVGF?" ◆◆◆

▼ [Fighter x beautiful girl] and the new human girl who is a fighter!
Contains many fighters in history!
Zero fighter,B-52,Spitfire,F-14,etc.....
They formed AVGF,trained them to make them stronger and face more powerful enemies!
This is a brand new test!

▼[Many famous Voice Character participate in dubbing] visual + auditory enjoyment!
Other (No Particular Order)
Many famous Voice Character participate!

▼[Development/Pregnancy] Free combination to develop your own Ace Doll
Development - thousands of combinations,every effort to create an unknown miracle
Pregnancy - Every Ace Doll is Commander's hard work,through Evo,upgrade,and strengthen to break through their limits to achieve a better team

Equipment - Machine guns,cannons,missiles,shields,all need to find the right Ace Doll to play their biggest role!
Expedition - the challenge is ahead,only the brave and compounded fighters can get the final reward

Mission - Help people in hardship and get to know more partners
Love - After the end of the battle,who knows if there will be more stories happening?

We are here waiting for you,Commander! Come and need your Ace Doll!!

▼Official contact information:

Looking forward to seeing you!!

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Mainkan Skyline di PC Mudah saja memulainya.

  • Unduh dan pasang BlueStacks di PC kamu

  • Selesaikan proses masuk Google untuk mengakses Playstore atau lakukan nanti

  • Cari Skyline di bilah pencarian di pojok kanan atas

  • Klik untuk menginstal Skyline dari hasil pencarian

  • Selesaikan proses masuk Google (jika kamu melewati langkah 2) untuk menginstal Skyline

  • Klik ikon Skyline di layar home untuk membuka gamenya

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