Secret High School 7: Bella’s New Rival

Secret High School 7: Bella’s New Rival

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Gioca su PC con BlueStacks: la piattaforma di gioco Android, considerata affidabile da oltre 500 milioni di giocatori.

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Caratteristiche del gioco

Last Season on Secret High.

Bella Olsen used to be a normal high school girl. Her boyfriend Spencer betrayed her with her best friend, Ashley. She thought it was the most terrible thing that would happen to her.

While it is not. Later, she survived a horrible car accident but found herself becoming a vampire Bella was terrified!

After accepting her new identity, a person stepped into her life. His name is Zac, he is cool and cute. Bella and Zac were so into each other. When Bella was struggling with her secret of being a vampire, Zac confessed he's also a vampire!

Weird things happened one by one, Spencer came back for Bella! Zac exposed Spencer's true identity——he is a werewolf!

A new girl also came to this high school, she claimed that she's Zac's girlfriend. Who is she? Does Zac have another girlfriend behind Bella's back?

- Help Bella get ready for her school day! Maybe Zac will ask her out after school!
- Bella has a very weird feeling the minute she walked into the school, maybe something unusual will happen today...
- Music class now! Bella is a little late, she'd better sneak in... there seems to have a new classmate!
- Bella's rushing to the next class with a cup of coffee, suddenly she knocks into somebody…
- Zac has prepared a romantic dinner date with Bella. But what he doesn't know is that Bella brought Vicki here.

And so much more are waiting for you to find out at SECRET HIGH SCHOOL!

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