Stick Fight - Stickman War

Stick Fight - Stickman War

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500M + oyuncunun güvendiği Android Oyun Platformu, BlueStacks ile PC'de oynayın.

Sayfa Değiştirilme tarihi: 15 Ağu 2022

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Stick Fight - Stickman Battle might be the most addictive stick war mobile game that you have ever enjoyed. This game challenges you to win the Throne by making a strategy to build up your stick Empire and conquering all Enemies.

This free-to-play stickman battle game allows you to create a great plan to mine gold, build your units and learn the most effective way to control the Swordsman, Spearman, Archer, Mage, and Giant Stick.

Build your Empire, use your talent to conquer all countries in the Stickman World, and win the Golden Throne.

Build your own stickman army and become a champion of stickman battle
Stick War - Stickman Battle: Challenges and immersive gameplay keeps you hooked to this stick man Action game

FEATURES of Stick War - Stickman Battle:

- Variety of Stickman characters: Miner, Sword, Giant, Archer,...
- Massive stick weapons with the ability to increase the power of the stickman of your units
- Stickman games with excellent 2D graphics, realistic physics, and amazing sound effects
- Over 500+ challenges in stick man game mode with the ultimate skills of stick man
- Replay features in the stickman game
- Amazing stick man gameplay with a combination of strategy game, stick game, and casual game
- Different upgrade ways & 200+ items will satisfy all the fans of the stickman game
- Stick War legacy - Defense strategy game - Attack game like stick war, stick man battle, stick man empire
- Stick War legacy in 2D physics and realistic stick fighting
- Stickman games with hardcore gameplay that everyone will love
- Stick man battle in the stick world of the throne
- Stick war legacy - help you learn to think in strategic ways
- Stick man of war - stick battle: crazy & fun stick fight
- Diverse combat stick war legacy skill
The fans of stickman games will be absolutely thrilled!

GAMEPLAY of Stick War - Stickman Battle:

Main Mode: Stickman Campaign - Epic stickman characters - Build your stickman empire
- Stickman Battle allows players to play one-handed while retaining the most complete tactical and action-packed gaming experience.
- The original Stick War Legacy is now added new features and graphics
- Build miners to gather precious gold and gems which you can use to purchase stick army: swords, spear, archers, wizard stick, and giant stick
- Stick War legacy with more gameplay modes are added
- Control the stick army, build the stick man battle strategy
- Increase the fighting ability of the armed forces and then defeat the enemy stickman army in the stick war legacy by using your strategy.
- Show your strategic stickman battle skill & conquer all the enemies
- Stick man army will be upgraded by each level completed
- Stickman battle with excellent strategic campaigns
- Addictive and fun stickman battle game
- Play Stick War legacy to test your strategic thinking to the limit.
- Stick War legacy with fantastic action thrilling gameplay of Stickman battle game
- Stick war legacy combat skills in this stickman battle

Can you conquer the stick world and be a King in the war of Stickman?"

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