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What are BlueStacks Points?

When you play games or perform certain actions inside BlueStacks, you earn BlueStacks Points. These points are an in-platform currency that you can redeem for items from the BlueStacks Store.

How do I earn BlueStacks Points?

This is the best part.

You don’t have to do anything unusual to earn Bluestacks Points. Just log into BlueStacks and continue playing your favorite games. You will accumulate BlueStacks Points as you go. In addition to simply playing games, you can earn additional and multipliers by performing the following actions:


When you first start BlueStacks (once per day based on UTC Time zone).

Install a new app (up to 2) in a day (UTC Time zone).

Using any two apps in a day inside BlueStacks.

Earn more points for every 30 minutes of gameplay (first two hours of the day are considered)

For every referral-based install (i.e., when a friend installs BlueStacks using the unique referral link you shared via Facebook, Messenger, or Twitter)

On creating your BlueStacks Profile Avatar for the first time.

On making an  In-app purchases (up to 3 in a day are awarded with BlueStacks Points)

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What’s in it for me?

Once you have enough BlueStacks Points, you can use your points to buy a wide range of exclusive goodies from BlueStacks Store, the BlueStacks in-platform store.

Goodies currently available on the BlueStacks Store include items such as BlueStacks skins, collectible cards, BlueStacks Premium subscriptions, ProGamer gear which includes gaming mice, gaming keyboards, mouse pads, headsets, and gaming computers.

What is the BlueStacks Store?

The In-platform store where users can choose to buy from a wide selection of exciting gaming products, both physical and digital, in exchange of BlueStacks Points, BlueStacks Points + cash, or just cash.

Also available inside the BlueStacks Store, are the newly introduced ProGamer Lineup of gaming accessories.

What is the

all about?

The BlueStacks Pro Gamer Series is a set of state-of-the-art gaming tools designed by the World’s top gamers, available exclusively to BlueStacks users.

Make them yours now in exchange of BlueStacks Points.

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