Closed To PC Gamers For The Last
25 Years–Now Finally Available…

The “Hand Curated Collections” That Gives You Instant Access To Blockbuster Games Enjoyed By 2.3 Billion Gamers Worldwide (Many Free & NEVER Available On PC Before)

Dear Fellow Gamer,

Many “stealth” blockbuster high budget games are being released these days that have 10 , 20  and even 80 million players daily.

One of the most played MMORPGs in the world has over 30 million players (10x larger than World of Warcraft player base as of this writing).

We’ll go over these games soon (they are extremely deep and entertaining games).

None of these are on the PC, xbox, playstation, or even more handheld ones like the Nintendo switch.

Yep, some of the worlds most popular games were exclusively NOT designed for PC and some never will for the foreseeable future.

PC is the best gaming platform as you get a lot of control and playing a first person shooter game on mobile or console is clunky.

You’ll join over 300,000,000 players worldwide using the Hand Curated Collections to play these exclusive games on your PC.

So keep reading to find out how you can join these players today and start playing Blockbuster high budget games.

I don’t want you to keep missing out on these amazing games, let me show you a few examples.

Over 80,000,000+ Active Players Daily

This game packs stadiums full of gamers and has paid out over $4,000,000 in tournament prize pools alone in less than 2 years.

It already has over 200,000,000 daily active players and has NEVER been available for PC yet and the developer likely will never make it available for PC.

It’s a MOBA with more players than league of legends by 2-3x and Dota 2 by over 10x.

This game is steadily growing and spawning many professional gamers and millionaires who win the tournaments and through sponsorships.

Live Strategy Battle Game Gas 9,000,000+ Daily Active Players

One of the most played live real time strategy games is not available for your pc.

You might even be playing it in one form or another, just not on your PC.

It’s a deep compelling

Game that requires focused attention for winning battles and it’s one you can play for hours a day without getting bored.

This game so far has paid out over $1,200,000 in prize money for tournaments in less than 2 years.

If you’re not already playing this game, you’re missing out on one of the deepest most replay-able game enjoyed by over 9,000,000 players every single day.

The remarkable thing is that more and more players are playing every single day.

The Hand Curated Collections Finds The Most Popular And Engaging Games

The 2 previous games were easily found using the Hand Curated Collections.

These games are hand curated by our team of game players, as there are millions of games not available on PC made, and thousands are being made everyday.

The Hand Curated Collections organizes deep and engaging games that many players around the world are playing right now.

You’ll be able to see at a glance the most popular, best, and top games available right now.

Have you looked at Steam lately?

Most of the best games are hidden under thousands of other games and you have to rely on reviews from many other websites.

The Hand Curated Collections makes it very easy to find the top games players are enjoying right now.

You’ll also receive personalized recommendations based on the games you and other players like and their ratings on those games so that you’ll find the next great game you’ll likely enjoy.

Many of these games are free, so you won’t have to shell out $20, $40, or even $60 for the privilege to play these games.

Free doesn’t mean bad, you’ll see why later.

Many Of These Games
Will Never Be Made On PC

These extremely popular games will never be found on Steam, Discord,, Epic Games Store, GOG Galaxy, or the many PC game stores.

Remember that 80,000,000+ daily players MOBA game we mentioned before?

It’s called Arena of Valor.

While it’s as deep and engaging as League of Legends, the developer is choosing to not make it available on PC.

We don’t know why they are slow to port it to PC, luckily we work with them to optimize their games for our platform.

The other reason these games will never be available for PC game stores is because it requires special software to ensure these games are playable on your PC.

Those PC gaming platforms in the foreseeable future will never give you access to the games 2.3 billion players around the world are playing.

You’d rather not see these games natively developed for the PC anyway, as that will slow down game production and lower quality.

It can be very expensive to develop games for the PC which take years and can cost hundreds of millions like GTA 5.

While these games made for the Android Operating system and iOS require a whole lot less budget and because of their connective nature to the internet and other people, allow for deeper imagination from developers.

The Second Largest PC Gaming Platform

The largest PC Gaming Platform is Steam, the 2nd largest?

With over 300,000,000 users worldwide, it

Here Are Some Of The Developers We Work With:

makes us the second largest.

That’s BlueStacks.

Without even a single PC game on our platform either.

BlueStacks lets you play every single mobile game directly on your PC nearly natively through the Hand Curated Collections.

Being the second largest means just like Steam we have a dedicated team working hard to make our software better and faster so you can focus on enjoying games.

We work with some of the most popular developers Like Blizzard, Netmarble, Gameloft, Machine Zone, Bethesda, Scopely, Nexon, NC Soft, Kabam, Supercell, EA, Zynga, Com2uS, King and many more to optimize their games for your PC.

Here Are Some Of The Developers We Work With:

Just About Any PC Can Use Bluestacks

BlueStacks has low system requirements.

That means you can easily load up and start playing these popular and heavy graphical games.

Many BlueStacks users have very slow phones where they can’t even play certain new mobile games.

They’ll load up BlueStacks and play those games directly on their PC.

Check out some these graphics:
Modern Combat 5: Blackout

You’ll be able to find games with even better graphics through the Hand Curated Collections in BlueStacks.

How To Get Past Premium Barrier

Many games you’ll find on mobile have a freemium model where you download it for free and sometimes can pay to progress faster.

It sucks when you have to wait to play a game or pay money to progress faster.

With BlueStacks, there are certain features that will help you get around the freemium barrier which I’ll cover below.

Here is a quick overview of them:
  • How to earn and use BlueStacks Points to progress in your games faster and earn Pro Gamer gear
  • How to use advanced built-in keymapping to get through tedious game play and to dominate games
  • How to open multiple different games and multiple different accounts for the same game to progress even faster
  • How to use the Hand Curated Collections to find the top and best games to play right now
  • How to earn in-game currency by participating in BlueStacks tournaments

Step One: Play Games You Enjoy

The first way to get past the freemium barrier on mobile games is earn something while you’re playing the game that can be exchanged for goodies.

With BlueStacks points you earn while playing games on BlueStacks, using any app inside BlueStacks, installing apps, starting up BlueStacks, referring friends and more, you’ll start quickly earning BlueStacks Points.

You can redeem your points for amazing things like ultra high-spec gaming PCs and tons more, it’s better you check the BlueStacks Store out and see it for yourself.

The great part about his all is that you earn points while just playing.

Step Two: Adjust Your Keymappings To Fit Your Play Style

When you first open a game, you’ll see key mappings designed by in-house gamers for every game you open.

You can adjust these in how you see fit, what you’ll find is that these are likely already optimized to what pro gamers use to dominate games.

Remember the key bindings and start playing, you’ll see how they magically fit for all the circumstances.

Now if you’re playing a game that has many places to click and move around, I recommend setting key bindings for those.

The less mouse clicks you have to make, the faster you can get through the games toward the more fun content.

This won’t necessarily get you around the Freemium paywall directly, but you’ll see very soon that this combined with multi-instance means never a bored moment and no need to pay to play.

You’ll also gain a competitive advantage in some games when you use BlueStacks.

You can quickly toggle your sniping button and hit a perfect headshot.

When playing brawler games, you can perform combos continuously with your keyboard.

Step Three: Multiple
Games/Accounts At Once

The worst part about playing most mobile games that are not straight adventure, is the waiting game.Sometimes you want to progress but don’t have enough resources and must wait for a few minutes or hours.Instead of waiting, why not just pop open another game?
Or you can even pop up the same game.For example, if you play Clash of Clans, it’s a great and fun game, with tactical battles and guild battles.There is a lot of waiting when playing

Has many places to click and move around, I recommend setting key bindings for those.

The less mouse clicks you have to make, the faster you can get through the games toward the more fun content.

This won’t necessarily get you around the Freemium paywall directly, but you’ll see very soon that this combined with multi-instance means never a bored moment and no need to pay to play.

You can also jump into facebook or any massager app you use right in BlueStacks.

You can pop up Amazon Prime Video and Netflix and start watching the new show that was just released.

Your imagination is the limit here with what you can do with multiple apps.

Step Four: Finding The Top
Games To Play

Last but not least, you’ll want to find another great game to play while you’re waiting for resources in another game.

The Hand Curated Collections is where you want to look to find games.

We label these collections as App Center, where all apps live.

You can easily find trending games as those are usually games that are starting to be played by a lot of players.

When a game consistently has a lot of players and stays trending, it’s a game worth looking at.

There is also a recommend section right under the banners, these are the games that many new BlueStacks users start playing as many are extremely popular and some of the best games you’ll find on mobile.

If you already know the game you’re looking for you can also use the search bar.

At your finger tips, you’ll get access to millions of games that were not available on PC until recently.

Step Five: How To Earn In-Game Currency

On the BlueStacks Discord server, we host tournaments every week under the #tournaments channel.

Where the top player / players if it’s a team game can earn $20 or more in google play credit to put toward anything on the play store of your choice including in-game currency

The runner us will receive a massive amount of BlueStacks points which can be redeemed for gaming gear like a gaming mouse, keyboard, chair, even a high-spec PC.

The tournaments will be in many different games so you’ll have a chance to compete and win with a game you may already be playing.

There will also be competitions for most kills in games, and other things you can do, just enter your screenshot and you could win.

BlueStacks Wasn’t Always So Fast…

At around BlueStacks 2, we started to pump BlueStacks full of features no one really wanted or asked for.

Three got even worse as we keep adding and adding stuff.

They were useful in their own ways.

We had a cool area called Pika World where you could see people around you using BlueStacks and interact with them.

You were able to stream before and watch your favorite streamers on BlueStacks.

When it came to Bluestacks 4, we re-imagined it and designed it for gamers with no bloat.

We benchmarked our new version against competitors and found it was up to 13.5 times faster than our next fastest competitor and 75% faster than our previous versions.

We even measured ourselves against phones at the time and the fastest phone at the time, we were 6x faster than the phone which was the Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Every version of BlueStacks now is even faster than when we released BlueStacks 4, even a few months after BlueStacks 4 came out, we had a new version that pushed BlueStacks 50% faster.

Every update we focus on making BlueStacks faster so you can enjoy the games you play on it.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Play On BlueStacks

It’s insane what you get from BlueStacks when you decide to access the millions of games previously not available to PC Gamers in the Hand Curated Collections

Here’s what you’ll get:
  • Completely free platform to play a huge library of amazing games on your PC
  • Advanced key mapping ability to set keys the way you want and have a competitive edge on others
  • Use your keyboard, mouse, or even game pad from an xbox, PS4 and more to get precise controls over all your movements
  • The ability to play multiple games & multiple accounts of the same game at once, while chatting, watching movies and tons more
  • Faster performance than playing on a phone
  • Being able to use your monitor / larger screen to play so you can see a lot more details and be more precise
  • BlueStacks points as you play to redeem for real world gear like keyboards, mice, gaming chairs, and even a gaming PC
  • The Hand Curated Collections to find you the best most popular games available and not available on the PC
  • Every single game is playable on your phone, so play on your PC and take it to go with you on your phone
  • Constant updates to make BlueStacks faster with all the games you play
  • Access to the exclusive BlueStacks discord where you can win google play credit, BlueStacks points, make friends and more
  • Weekly tournaments that test your skills and can reward you greatly
  • And tons more…

Start Playing These Top Never Before Available Games On Your PC Today

The best part is about BlueStacks is that it’s free and start playing mobile games on your PC.

BlueStacks is secure software that is designed with user privacy in mind, we’ll never sell your data to any third party ever.

The reason we can keep our software free is because we work with developers to enhance their games on our platform.

And when their games work well on our platform, players keep playing their games.

BlueStacks is available on both PC and Mac.

What are you waiting for?

Some of the biggest game launches are on mobile and playing with your PC will allow you to progress faster.

Download BlueStacks  
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Every Game Played On BlueStacks Is Playable On Your Phone

Yes, every single game on BlueStacks is also available on your phone.

Start playing on your PC.

Take it with you on the go with your phone.

Let’s say you need to fight a few arena fights before they reset for the day.

You have to be somewhere and can’t get to it on your PC.

When you go out and find some down time, you can quickly load up the game you’re playing and get your arena battles in so you can get the rewards.