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Lilith Mobile
4.3/5 ( 2,894 )
Ultimo Aggiornamento June 8, 2017
Live By the Sword, Die By the Sword

Follow a young warrior as he chases his dreams of far-off travel and exciting adventures. Play Art of Conquest on PC and Mac to experience one of the hottest strategy games to hit mobile devices. Art of Conquest is more than an intense real-time strategy game. A mix of several genres, Art of Conquest is the perfect title for gamers looking for something that feels familiar but is truly unique in today’s watered=down mobile gaming market.

Begin your journey as an inexperienced fighter setting out for adventure. Build your kingdom and expand your power by fighting in real-time battles. As your influence and power grow, you will be able to summon mighty mythical creatures to fight at your side. This new world is your for the taking, as long as you’re willing to go out and take it.

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  • 1 Installa BlueStacks ed esegui il programma di installazione
  • 2 Completa la configurazione una tantum
  • 3 Art of Conquest Vai alla barra di ricerca nell'angolo in alto a destra e cerca Art of Conquest
  • 4 Fare clic sull'icona quindi fare clic su Installa nella schermata di Google Play.
  • 5 Al termine dell'installazione, fai clic su Art of Conquest icona nella scheda Le mie app
  • 6 Hai finito! Divertiti a giocareArt of Conquest sul tuo PC.
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