Patch 1.0.39 ‘Heroic Anthem’

Published October 12, 2020

A New Season of


This update takes players to new heights with a “brand new season of conquest” bigger than ever before

The New

Camp Battle System

Players from different kingdoms come together in 4 different camps: Fire, Earth, Wind and Water to wage war against each other.



Both alliances and individuals players will be able to create Coalitions within their camp. With these groups, players can execute coordinated assaults on the enemy.



Troops can equip extra commanders’ skills for a new level of skill synergy potential.


Second Chance

at Life

A portion of the soldiers that fall in battle in this season will come back to life at the end and rejoin their governor’s army.

Adjustments to the

Protect the Supplies Event

Adjustments aimed at making the event much more accessible for newcomers and a little more challenging for veterans.

New General Torgny

Enters the Battle

The ‘Ceroli Crisis’ event has a new boss enemy, Torgny, for players to challenge.


Alliance Reclaim


After the update, players will now be able to trade in unwanted items in the Alliance Menu in exchange for Individual Credits.

Changes to the

Past Glory Buff

The buff gained after beating stage 1 of “Past Glory” was changed to “+50% increased attack”.

Light and


Season Adjustments

Players will be able to enter only one Ancient Ruin and Altar of Darkness each at a time during the “Light and Darkness” season.

William I

Skill Buff

William I’s “Bloodline” skill received a buff to its attack range.

Guan Yu


The trigger conditions for Guan Yu’s “Lone Rider” skill have been reworked. He now deals increased skill damage for 3 seconds whenever he receives a shield.

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