Straight out of The Mascoteers’ game lab comes Dropple, the latest original release from the creators of 360 Degree and Circlify.

It’s all about timing in Dropple! As the player, you need to help a ball bounce its way down a long stairway, setting out the steps in front of it as it builds up speed.

Tap to place the a step in front of the bouncing ball, but make sure you get it in line with the angle the ball is taking, otherwise it could be game over. Place it too far off to the side, and your ball will hit the step on an angle and bounce away. But if you hesitate and take too long to place the step, the ball will bounce off the edge of the stairway.

Will you take it nice and slow, ensuring that each step is place accurately, or speed ahead and place multiple steps in quick succession to get a head start early?! Dropple might seem simple at first but strategy certainly plays apart.

Adapting the recently released Stairway, this fun-fill new app provides a unique gaming experience that appeals to all ages. With colourful and alluring 3D graphics, Dropple looks and feels great with simple gameplay that challenges you more and more as you progress through the game.

Step into the Dropple world and keep yourself entertained for hours! Available for free now.

• This app may require read and write permissions to your storage for score share feature

The Mascoteers
Last Update
November 20, 2016
3.9/5 ( 17,086 )

Update notes

New mode “Spin”!

Christmas theme!

New characters!

Straight Out of The Mascoteers’ Lab Comes Dropple

The newest gaming hit is now available for your computer. play the intense Dropple on mac and PC to see what everyone's talking about. Players are raving about the addictive gameplay and challenges in Dropple. The deceptively simple rules task players with creating new steps for a ball to drop down. As the ball falls down the steps, it will gain speed making the creation of the next step even more difficult. Timing is everything when you challenge Dropple. Line up your step with the ball correctly, otherwise, you will be flying into oblivion. Take too much time to place your step and run the risk of your ball bouncing hard off the edge. Play on to unlock special achievements and new characters to challenge your steps.

Colorful and immersive 3D graphics will keep you coming back for more. Play Dropple on PC and Mac by clicking the link above.

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