Vanishing Floor

Get ready for impossible challange in an invisible world of wierd cubes. Do you have a good memory? Are You perceptive and enjoy jumping? Have fun with this dynamic platform game, which plays with all of your senses. Run and make super jumps in unfriendly but extremly colorful and vivid world in which level is seen for a split of second.

Most of the time you run forward without seeing the platform. Does it sound like a great journey? Yes, it is! Get ready for a great trip in the sky - the world in which you show reflexes, dexterity and memory. Do not be fooled, be determined, look around carefully so You don’t fall into the hidden abyss and survive as long as possible. It will not be easy, it's fast and challenging jumping platform game.

As a cube hopper You will jump higher and higher, clicking once per second. Get a substantial stock of crystals and unlock funny characters. Find out how it is to be in the invisible world as a toaster or plant pot 😄 You will discover 20 square, cube-like strange characters, and will experience a unique adventure in 20 great designed color biomes.

Vanishing Floor is an oldschool platformer with a completely new approach to the gameplay. The game offers two levels of difficulty without having to leave the game itself. The difficulty depends on how you play and what you're aiming for.

Take the challenge and play in the hardcore mode! Push your abilities and determination to the limit, learn to jump without interruption and almost without touching the bricks to achieve tremendous score results. The longer you're in the air, not touching blocks, the longer you do not see the world. The game is very rewarding for it.

Or have fun and just run forward in casual mode. You run and jump, still in an invisible world, but you have a lot more time to react. You’ll notice that such play style respectively earns less points. But what is the pleasure in jumping, listening to great chiptunes music and funny comments of character you control in the best jumping game 😄

While running and jumping look for the crystals, try to catch as many as possible in hardcore mode. See how powerful the score can be earned in a short time. Thus, establish impossible to beat the highest record and become the best player in the world! The game has a lot of challenges. With crystals collected You unlock new characters to play with.


1) Old school platformer with a twist – vanishing levels!
2) New way to get points - cumulative scoring
3) Lots of achievements
4) 20 wierd and funny characters to unlock
5) Different and stylich cubic bioms
6) Procedurally generated infinite levels!
7) Funny voice acting by Unfa Karon Tobiasz
8) Original music by Niezly Jakub
9) Design graphics, conjoint super smooth style with pixelart
10) Fun jumping mechanics like "double jump" and one touch controls
11) Difficulty of gameplay rises gradually - in time gameplay speed get’s really challanging


- Touch to low jump
- Touch while in air to make a super double jump
- Jump as many times up, whithout walking on the platform to cumulate score
- Collect crystals to multiply score, more crystal collected in chain gives you incredible amount of points

Simple and fast, one touch, infinite platformer, automatically generated world provides fun for many hours.

Aim your jumps before the platforms disappear or double jump to collect crystals and maximize your combo meter!


Last Update
June 13, 2016
4.4/5 ( 85 )

It's Time for the New School to Meet the Old School

One of the most popular and oldest video game genres is the challenging platformer. To experience why platformer games have been so popular for so many years, play Vanishing Floor on Mac and PC. Much like the old school platformers, you have to navigate your wy through a crazy course of platforms. Aim carefully for each jump and land on the next platform to continue. To make this non-stop jump-fest even more exciting, the platforms before you will disappear quickly, often times leaving you to jump with even seeing where you should land.

This old school platformer with a twist is a never-ending series of platforms procedurally generated, meaning every game is different and the levels are infinite. Enjoy hours of fun with retro-style pixel graphics and a cute chiptunes soundtrack. Unlock funny and interesting costumes for your character to wear while challenging the ever-increasing difficulty as you jump along your way.

Jump for Everyone to See

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