Dumb Ways to Die

You've seen the video—now the lives of those adorably dumb characters are in your hands.

Enjoy 15 hilarious mini-games as you attempt to collect all the charmingly dumb characters for your train station, achieve high scores and unlock the famous music video that started it all.

From piranhas and platforms to snakes and level crossings—tap, swipe, and flick to safely escape a wide range of DUMB WAYS TO DIE™.

Download the FREE game now and remember, be safe around trains. A message from Metro.

- Why is his hair on fire? Who cares, just RUN!
- Quickly wipe your screen free of puke
- Balance that wobbling glue eater
- Flick the piranhas out of range of those precious private parts
- Swat wasps before it's too late
- Best not invite that psycho killer inside
- Carefully remove forks from toasters
- Help self-taught pilots
- Get back from the edge of the platform you fools
- Have patience at level crossings
- No crossing the tracks! Not even for balloons!
- Find true love during hunting season
- Duck the bear for a candy shower
- Go on, press the red button
- And who knew rattlesnakes were so picky about mustard?

Be safe around trains and watch the original Webby and Cannes award-winning video at dumbwaystodie.com

Ways to Die Strategy

Practice Makes Perfect

Timing is Key When Jumping

Aim For a Big Safety Bonus

Tap Like Crazy in Sprinting

Tilt Your Phone When Needed

Get Free Tokens to Take Part in
the Dumbest of the Dumb

Play Daily to Get More Tokens

Don’t Swipe When Playing Avalanche Chalet

Don’t Follow Instructions to
the Letter in Landmine Curling

You can Swipe from Side to Side
in Landmine Curling

Metro Trains
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Be safe around trains. A message from Metro.

In 2012, a cute little video from Australia managed to take the world by storm. Thanks to social media and the internet, Dumb Ways to Die taught everyone about railway safety. Well those cute, little critters are back in a fun mobile game. Play Dumb Ways to Die on PC using the Bluestacks Android Emulator app and you can experience all the fun of railway safety (and deaths) from the comfort of your own home.

Your train station needs the help of a cast of zany characters, but each one of them has gotten into a life-and-death situation that they need your help with. Play through several mini-games and challenges to help your characters escape death. Along the way you will unlock new characters, special treats and the famous music video that started the whole craze.

Broadcast Your Deaths to the Twitch Network

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Play Dumb Ways to Die on Your Computer

Look at these screenshots and see the difference a larger playing area makes. Besides the crisp graphics and larger playing area, you can kiss lag away as you have a much more powerful internet connection to your home computer. Remember, the first step to unlocking the world of Dumb Ways to Die on Windows XP, 7 or 8 is downloading the free Bluestacks Android Emulator app. Simply click on the the link below and begin saving these cute critters from Dumb Ways to Die.