Age of Kings

Take your battles to the skies in Age of Kings: Skyward Battle and choose from hundreds of unique heroes and heroines to serve you in your conquest to build your supreme empire!

Game Features
✔ Experience action-packed battles in this MMOSLG and lead your troops to victory
✔ Protect your empire and gather valuable resources with fearless and skilled heroes and heroines.
✔ Explore the world map keeping an eye on your developing resource areas, expanding empire and your enemies all in real-time!
✔ Forge alliances with other players to maximize the growth of your kingdom and rally your troops together to defeat your common enemies.
✔ Personalize your empire with various building and unit combinations and a selection of castle designs.

Note: Age of Kings is free to play but some in-game items require payment. An internet connection is also required to play.

Last Update
January 3, 2017
4.3/5 ( 125,158 )

Update notes

Update 2.20.0

1. New cabinet office - Conquistador: Increase stats of expeditionary troops (troops fighting in foreign kingdoms).

2. VIP level cap raised to level 21. VIP 21 privileges: free Thunderbolt III, free Simulation Battles in Suppressing Rebels, etc.

3. Some small improvements and bug fixes.

Build Your Empire at Any Cost

In the most exciting MMOSLG to hit the Google Play store, you get to build your new empire from the ground up in a realm full of magic and mystery. Play Age of Kings on PC or Mac to join forces with millions of other warlords looking to expand their own empires. Forge alliances with players across the globe to help build and upgrade buildings and take down tough enemies. Choose heroes to lead your troops into battle and use their special abilities to help find resources, garrison buildings, and more. Explore a vast map full of resource spots and hidden treasures in real-time with thousands of other players. Build and upgrade resource buildings however you want and even choose your own unique castle design. Assemble your battleships and play Age of Kings on your computer to experience the thrill of world domination without the muss and fuss of actually fighting.

Conquer the World Through Your Broadcasts

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